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My name is Shayne Mogilski, and I’m currently a third year New Media Marketing student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I’ve studied hard in classes to understand the material, and not just remember it. Classes such as Internet Marketing have really helped me understand New Media Marketing. RIT has also helped me grow with chances to lead. This includes being president of RIT’s Sports Enthusiasts Club, along with responsibilities for RIT’s Phi Sigma Pi chapter. Through the good and bad times, I would have to say that RIT has changed my life significantly in the last 3 years and I’m almost ready to reach the next chapter in my career. Speaking of which…

Business Experience

Over the past few years, I’ve gained business experience in many different forms. While I was a senior in high school, I created a business plan for Traverse Puzzle HuntsTraverse Puzzle Hunts was designed to plan unique and well-detailed events at a low price. I’ve also been responsible for the marketing plan for a potential public electronic service known as TechHub. This business plan won the first annual best business plan competition at RIT, which was an incredible accomplishment in only my first year. Along with contributing to multiple other business plans, I’ve also worked as a New Media Specialist for Legacy Financial Planning. Legacy Financial Planning is respected throughout the financial community nationwide and are run by two of the most successful financial planners in the industry. I hope to only increase my experience with a paid Co-Op opportunity in the near future.

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Gen 6. Dragonfly: The Launch

The Next Generation Lacrosse Shaft
The Dragonfly Gen.6 C30, E30, and X30 have finally arrived, and it is even more Epoch then you could have possibly imagined. “The Gen.6 Dragonfly is engineered with some serious technology on the inside that is complemented by clean, crisp, bold cosmetics on the outside.” Designed with Flex iQ and Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) the Gen.6 consists oGen-6-2f multiple layers that have been strategically placed within the torque box. The torque box is located within the shaft, at two critical points of hand placement, just above the bottom hand and right below the top of the
shaft. Epoch believes it is crucial to strengthen a lacrosse shaft from the inside out. The stronger the shaft is at the core, the lighter it is at the ends. The Gen.6 will now take its place alongside the Maverik Gait Ice, and the Apollo, making it one of the lightest lacrosse shafts on the market. The lighter the shaft, the more power it brings to your game. The Gen 6 offers a level of flexibility and strength not previously found in any other shaft on the market. The torque box itself is unique to to Epoch, it works by strengthening from the inside out, to avoid possible dents or breaking of the shaft. This is a concern for many, as men’s lacrosse is a full contact sport. Epoch also allows you to choose from many different levels of flexibility, depending on which position you play. If you haven’t made the investment yet, you need to! Perfect for all levels of competition. The Gen 6 is available for both men and women.  Make every game Epoch, with the new Gen.6. LIVE.PLAY.BE.