Novel Outline in 5 Easy Steps

Novel OutlineWriting a fiction novel can be a rather daunting process.  However, by following these five simple steps you will be well on your way to completing a novel of your own.  The steps may vary in length, but each step will add future value to your novel, and will limit the amount of large scale edits needed during latter steps in the fiction writing process.

  • Step One:  It is likely that you have already thought about the topic of your novel.  Now it is time to write all of this world building information down in a single document, for consistence purposes.
  • Step Two:  Identify the audience of your novel.  Knowing who your novel is aimed toward will help to determine what content is appropriate to the demographic.
  • Step Three:  Develop a one paragraph summary of your entire novel.  Focus on the beginning, climax and ending of the overall story.  Then make a list of 3-5 important events that were mentioned in the one paragraph summary.
  • Step Four:  Start listing the events that connect all of the major moments in the novel that were listed in your original 3-5 novel events, from step three.
  • Step Five:  Now you will start creating character profiles for all the characters in your book.  One profile is needed for every character that has significance in your novel.  This is a rather long step in the pursuit of creating a marketable book, but in the end it will lead to a better overall novel.  A well written novel needs meaningful characters to drive the story forward.

Once all of these steps are complete then you should have everything you need to get started on your novel.  So, find a quiet place and enjoy the novel writing process.

Written by Eric Lizotte