Emily Hawk – Writer and Communication & Media Technology Student

Hello! It’s nice to meet you, I’m Emily Hawk.

Currently, I am a second year grad student at Rochester Institute of Technology, pursuing a masters in Communication and Media Technology. I also work full time as a writer in the finance industry for an investment management company local to Rochester. I was born and raised in the Rochester NY area, where I spent my summers on Keuka Lake and my winters on Bristol Mountain.

After graduating high school, I moved to Washington, D.C. to get a Bachelor’s Degree from American University in Public Communication with a minor in History. Post graduation and moving back home due to the high cost of living in Washington, D.C., and a few years working in customer service, I found my position as an RFP Information Specialist at Manning & Napier. I now spend my days writing about investment strategies and my nights learning about communication theories and techniques. I’m extremely interested in writing: specifically, how writing is becoming a more and more critical skill as the world moves to rely on the text-based world of the internet.

Outside of my professional and academic life, I have a few hobbies I love. Mainly, I love being outside, whether that means camping, hiking, boating, skiing, or sitting around a bonfire with friends. I also love music, especially live music, so I attend as many concerts as possible. I’m a dedicated Buffalo Bills fan and Formula 1 enthusiast, which are, as many of my friends have pointed out, the most different sports I could possibly support. In general, I like to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the great area of Rochester and western New York.

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Sam Kadezabek – Digital Marketing MBA

Sam Kadezabek - Digital Marketing MBA Student focusing on color in company branding

My name’s Sam Kadezabek and I’m originally from a small town in Connecticut where the graduating class was around 100. Going into college, I switched my major from a more design-focused program to New Media Marketing to get a blend of business and creativity which ended up being a perfect middle ground for me. Now post-graduation I’m a grad student pursuing my MBA in Digital Marketing at Rochester Institute of Technology. I did my four years of undergrad at RIT as well and decided to continue on the path to getting my master’s to learn as much as I can before I leave.

I’ve realized that I really enjoy marketing and advertising because of the combination of creative and analytical applications and approaches that allow me to learn different ways people think and respond to experiences. For instance, one of my favorite classes in my undergrad was Consumer Behavior and analyzing the psychology of how people interact with products and advertisements. One specific aspect of that psychology that I found fascinating is how people’s brains react to different colors and combinations of colors around them.

The different ways that companies use those colors to subconsciously influence their customers is something that many don’t think about but is everywhere in our daily lives. During my undergrad I wrote a research paper on the different effects and examples of companies, and even entire industries, that use similar color schemes to give customers a certain feeling or reaction. While there isn’t a set formula you can use to make someone feel a certain way by using a certain color (because everyone is different and responds slightly differently), there are some pretty interesting trends in certain industries, like banking or fast food, that I took a look at.

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Meet Emily Bliss

Hi there! My name is Emily and I’m almost (thankfully) done with my M.B.A. at RIT after beginning in the fall of 2015. I’m the Content Marketing Manager at Tipping Point Communications, a local Rochester-based marketing communications agency.

Emily Bliss Headshot

I am responsible for strategic planning and execution of content strategies for clients. In addition, I develop strategic inbound marketing plans leveraging marketing automation and content to fuel my client’s lead generation activities, with strategic focus at each stage of the sales funnel.

Prior to joining Tipping Point Communications, I spent two years at CHOBANI Greek Yogurt, in the marketing department, executing special events in the Upstate New York region. During my time at CHOBANI, I focused on community relations, brand partnerships, and worked locally on the 2012 London Summer Olympics sponsorship.

I look forward to utilizing my M.B.A to provide a macro-level, strategic frame of reference to grow my client’s business and the overall agency.


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