Miracle Workout- Get Fit, and Enjoy It!

Acroyoga – a miracle workout that doesn’t feel like work!

Woah, you heard me right! There could actually be something fun, social and exciting enough to capture your attention? Check out some acroyogis below:

Does this look fun to you? You can learn this, sooner than you imagine!



Photocredit: Yoga Belly Studio

Introduction to Acroyoga

For those that don’t know, acroyoga is partner yoga imbued with some acrobatic-style movements. Two or three people are typically involved: the base, the flyer, and a spotter. The base’s job is to support the flyer off the ground and guide them through different poses. The flyer assists the base by maintaining and transitioning through stable body positions. Lastly, if needed, the spotter acts as a kind of safety net to prevent the flyer from taking nasty falls onto their head. The spotter may also help to balance the transitions between poses and offer cues to correct base/flyer positions.

Acroyoga connects you to your body and to your partner, in a way that is fun. This is not as hard as it looks! Acroyoga can be enjoyed by many people, with interest in bettering yourself, trust in your partner, and a little bit of effort.

Base’s Perspective

My name is John and I’ve been doing acroyoga, on and off, for about six months now. I enjoy acroyoga because it promotes communication and trust between me and others that I’ve potentially never met before. Sometimes I’ll nervously find myself in a room full of strangers that I’m forced to communicate with, but I don’t mean that in a negative way. If communicating with somebody that I’ve met before means they’re not going to fall on me, then I’ll talk with strangers all day. At some point, communication becomes a basic need because of the inherent risks involved with the activity. When I base I don’t want people falling on me, and when I fly I don’t want to be thrown to the ground. Since everyone has slightly different bodies and are at different skill levels, it’s essential to talk and play around with one another to develop trust and understanding. By fostering trust and understanding, everything that’s done becomes less risky.

Since starting, I’ve learned to look past a lot of the differences I’ve perceived in strangers once I’ve worked with them. Looking past those differences has allowed me to help and be helped by others to the point of creating new friendships. Maybe I just sound like another millennial hippy but I think there’s a lot to be learned from acroyoga about community, communication, teamwork, and building a better, brighter future with and for one another.

Flyer’s Perspective

My name is Caitlin (pictured above, with John) and I have been doing acroyoga for 6 months. Acroyoga quickly became an activity that I love, because it doesn’t feel like I’m exercising (although it definitely is!). Throughout my lifetime, I have tried nearly every form of exercise imaginable, and nothing has ever stuck; zumba, yoga, lacrosse, parkour. I may just be lazy and love my couch a little too much, but being able to be with my partner makes working out worth it. I was never a very active person, and rarely feel connected to my body. Acroyoga allows me to practice my “kinesthetic awareness,” to know how my body moves and feels in certain positions.

Acroyoga has also been a great way to connect with my partner. It’s something that requires trust and respect in the other person, as well as a ton of communication. John and I recently went to an event and worked with a couple who had been married for 30 years. They began fighting during the session, because they were not listening to each other about a shoulderstand they were trying. After a quick cool down, they talked through the move, then tried it and stuck the move immediately. Acroyoga may spark some fights, but with practice, communication and trust among partners is enhanced.

Getting Started in Acro

There are many ways to get involved in the Acro community! If you are in Rochester, you can try taking classes at Aerial Arts. Most cities will have a studio teaching courses in acroyoga! There are also Facebook communities where acroyogis meet up and practice together. If you’re a little shy, try moves on your own by searching for beginner poses on YouTube. However you want to get involved, do it!

About Me

My name is Caitlin, and I’m an MBA student with a concentration in Product Commercialization. I’m graduating in May and am looking to begin my career in the food/beverage industry, of which I’m super passionate for.

My hobbies are quite diverse: experimental cooking, acroyoga, VR stuff, Magic: the Gathering, board games, EDM, personal finance and spending time with friends! If we share any interests, I’d love to hear more about you!

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