Akshay Kumar Marketing, MBA

Growing in a middle-class family, life was always a mixture of both problems and future dreams and goals. But like most of the people in young age, I had a variety of aspirations, I would think of becoming a pilot when I saw an airplane in the sky, I thought of becoming a computer engineer when I was amused by computers. But finally, the time came when I had to decide one of them during pre-university. This is when I chose biomedical engineering as my major, mostly because of the confluence of technology and medicine amused me at that point in time. But during my third year in college,I realized that I made a mistake in choosing my major. I felt this way basically because of two reasons, one being I relished more of the electronics and computer science part of my course more than my actual core which was the medical application of these courses. The other reason being, after an internship with a startup, and a research project in lieu with a real problem, I decided my long term career goal as being a tech entrepreneur. By then I had realized that let alone getting the product in the hands of the patient or a doctor, even design a market-ready biomedical product, required very huge amount of investment, time and experience, which is very much because a biomedical product is used on patient,it requires stringent regulatory approvals,complex design hence extending time to market.

This is when I decided if I had to startup, and ensure its likelihood of success,I had to do it in the software technologies field which is trending,familiar to me,and involves lesser investments of time and money,with the lot of investors ready to invest in these domains,seeing their trend to succeed.

So, in the next 1 year in college, I went to an internship,I went to workshops, took courses, did experiments using free and paid kits and software resources, and learned whatever I could learn about the two fields I was interested in starting up, IoT and AI along with developing competence in embedded software which acts as a backend to IoT. After graduation I joined a startup developing AI and IoT products,to further enrich my knowledge in these domains. Then during my tenure of my job for the next 5 months,I strived and learned whatever I needed to know to start up in these domains including project management,a data analyst nanodegree sponsored by the company,working on an industry project from scratch to deployment,to overcoming boredom involved in some of the job situation,probably which I would have learned in 2 years in an MNC company, owing to startup’s freedom to work across domains.

Finally, I came to the conclusion, that there is no need to delay, because the field I chose was relatively new and evolving, and that I could learn and move on, which lead to me and my colleague quitting the job for starting up along with an idea in an initial stage. Thereafter we developed prototypes, made business presentations, tried to get traction, participated to win fellowships and hackathons none of which proved quite successful. This leads to my cofounders swaying away, and we had also experienced execution challenges owing to our low experience in the industry, and financial unpreparedness. All this made me realize though startup ideas could be pivoted at initial stages of a startup, no startup could succeed through fundamental execution challenges. And execution challenges I faced mostly revolved around attracting right people with the right attitude, unstable finance, poor execution capabilities due to lack of managerial knowledge, experience and binding with corporate culture.

Hence,I decided to go for an MBA,in an international environment like USA where I would like to work for a few years in the managerial domain before starting up , while  I would also retain my technical knowledge, and take it as a hobby to stay abreast of the new  trend in the domains I mentioned. This helps me clearly to counter the execution challenges which I faced initially in starting up.I would prefer marketing as a subdomain in an MBA, as that is the most important and crucial business activities for an early-stage startup.

Dhruvesh Ladumor- Entrepreneurship, MBA


Hello!! My name is Dhruvesh Ladumor. I am from Gujarat, India. I hold a Bachelor of Technology degree in Chemical Engineering. Having completed my undergraduate studies and after having acquired precious industrial exposure for almost two years; I am currently pursuing my MBA from Saunders College of Business, RIT with my concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Upon completion of my graduate degree, my goal is to create a new venture of my own.


During my undergraduate studies, I derived valuable leadership lessons from my involvements with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IICHE) as a Student Member. We carried out many activities on campus and organized events and talk-shows on technological developments in the field. I also interned with Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS), organization that provides vocational training to non-literate, neo-literate, as well as school dropouts by identifying skills which were relevant and in demand in the region of their establishment.

Post completion of my undergraduate studies, I chose to work for a couple of years before pursuing MBA from a renowned university. I felt it necessary to develop a holistic understanding of business functions, and professional workflow and information flow in the organization before I took up the rigorous studies with my MBA. I also chose not to work in my family concern as that would have given me a lopsided perspective of the business. I joined Ramdev Chemical Industries as a Production Engineer. Working with Ramdev Chemical, I learned to work on multiple projects simultaneously and keep track of developments on each project. I handled regular supervision of the production process; concurrently assisted Chartered Engineer with safety and calibration tasks, as I also worked on projects targeted at improving process flow and efficiency of manufacturing processes.

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Victoria Olaosebikan – Communication & Media Technology

About Victoria

Hello! I am Victoria Abisola Olaosebikan. Please don’t try to pronounce my last name. Many people have suffered from biting their tongues trying to do so. Just kidding! With a name like this, I’m pretty sure you are wondering where I’m from. Anyways……. I’m from Nigeria, located in western Africa. I was born and raised in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. 
Four words that best describe my personality: godly, caring, creative and generous. Maybe a fifth word would have been funny but my sister thinks my jokes are cheesy. She would probably prefer annoying as a fifth word. 

I am currently a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Communication and Media Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).  Alongside studying, I work on campus as an administrative assistant at the Dean’s Office, College of Liberal Arts, where I assist deans and faculty members with various office assignments and projects. I have also worked with the school of communication as a graduate assistant in my previous semesters.

Why RIT? I chose to study here because America has one of the world’s best higher education systems as well as the world’s largest international student population. Rochester Institute of Technology is ranked as one of the top universities in the country. So why not? Completing a master’s degree in one of the country’s best will indeed help me achieve my career goals. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and Media Studies from Ajayi Crowther University, Nigeria. During my undergrad, I had the opportunity to work at two broadcasting stations in Nigeria where I worked as a reporter intern. To know more about my work experience, click on the link below.


Other interests

Aside from my interest in the media, I also aspire to become a fashion designer and entrepreneur. I’m very creative and I love designing women’s clothing, especially dresses. I don’t know if it’s fair for me to say that I love fashion design more than I love working with the media, but it has been my number one dream ever since I was a little kid. I began sketching dresses about the age of seven or eight. I was so obsessed with my Barbie dolls that I would go as far as making them dresses with my socks. Funny! Fashion illustration and design has been a natural talent, that has become a hobby. Ever since my passion for it has grown. After I graduate, I plan to go to fashion school and start my clothing line. At the moment, I’m learning how to sew and also trying to improve upon my fashion illustration. So, watch out for one of the world’s best potential fashion designers! 

Here is one of my illustrations. Ignore the caption. Lol

I also love music and I sing as a part of the choir in my church. So…. Yes! I’m a Christian and I love God. Plus, I’m also a good dancer, although mostly in my head. I love cleaning and organizing, so when things go missing around the house, everyone knows who to ask – me! Because I must have kept them in the appropriate place. I also love cooking and eating, but you wouldn’t know because I’m as skinny as the word skinny. Just kidding!

I’m kind of reserved, and I think I express myself better when I write. So, if you find me being quiet or shy, don’t be surprised. If you also find me talking a lot, still don’t be surprised. I can also be loud, especially around people I’m familiar with. 

I also love helping people, I hope to own a foundation someday where I can give back to society. For now, I just do small projects back home in Nigeria to reach out to the underprivileged. For me, being successful goes beyond having material wealth. In my opinion, success is meeting a need in society. I believe everyone was created for a purpose; to add value to the world in one way or another. I believe life will never make sense until you begin to live according to your purpose.

Moving forward, my future goals include going to a fashion school, getting more experience in communication, internet marketing, and owning several businesses. If you want to know more about me; and if you want me to get an A in the class for which I’m writing this profile, please click on the link to resume and LinkedIn below. Thanks for your time!