The Trends of the Competitive Super Smash Bros Community

The competitive Super Smash Bros community is an enigma compared to every other professional video game community. Most communities are focused around one game, like League of Legends, or move on to the next sequel, like the Street Fighter series, the Super Smash Bros community is divided. Each sequel that comes has divided the community. Sometimes leading to nasty online interaction between the communities. Super Smash Bros has had 3 different games that have been played competitively: Melee, Brawl, and Super Smash Bros 4. A big tension between the communities is which of the games show up at the tournament EVO. The game that has lasted the longest is Melee, with many Melee players being adamant about it being the best and the other games aren’t as good. Brawl was not well received by many people, iCompetitive Super Smash Brosn fact there was fan made version of the game known as Project M where it was modified to be more similar to Melee. People hoped that Super Smash Bros 4 would be more like Melee, with fast movement and similar combat mechanics. Some Melee players, and many Brawl players moved on to Super Smash Bros 4. Many Melee players did not move on, having the same opinion as before. The creator of the series actually hated that Melee fans made the game so competitive. He wanted the Super Smash Bros series to be a casual party game instead of a hardcore competitive fighting game. In fact many of the changes between Melee and Brawl were made to make it more casual. With the attitude of the fans of each of the games, it seems like the Super Smash Bros community as a whole will never be united.

By Owen Whalen

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