Simran Makker- A marketer with passion and enthusiasm

Hello! My name is Simran Makker and I am currently studying at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I am a fourth year majoring in New Media Marketing with an immersion in Advertising and Public Relations. I am interested in a field where I get to apply my design skills as well look at analytics and performances. My past work experiences have grown my passion for a combination of these two sides of marketing. I have found myself to be a very creative person which allows me to be driven by opportunities I have held in the past. My internships and current work have taught me how to correctly design a campaign and track it through analytic software. I have gained experience in blog writing and using Photoshop to create graphics needed. I am looking forward to apply my current skills and experiences with a promise and enthusiasm to learn more.

Simran Makker 2017 Resume

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