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Hello everyone!
My name is Shelby Sanchez, and I am a fourth-year New Media Marketing student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where I acquired the love for photography, the beach at sunset or sunrise are my favorites.

I enjoy working with the Student Life Team at RIT as the  Social Media Specialist where I have enhanced my skills in my photography and videography. As the social media specialist, I have had the opportunity to cover special club events as well as informational issues at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and at RIT. I have produced videos and photos for the Deaf club events, this helps keep our Deaf community up to date on all social and upcoming gatherings. I consider myself skilled in photography/videography and editing as my hobby. I love being creative and trying new ideas, which I have come to understand and can apply with my major. I enjoy creating videos that not only information my audience but can also be entertaining and enjoyable to watch. I have had some success with my photography, winning some awards and participating in skills competitions. I have also done some freelance photography for special occasions and events. My dream is to do more traveling and perfect my photography skills. I would like to return to Italy and explore more of Europe. Videography is one of my favorite mediums to work with because I can be most effective and creative, using different methods to film and making videos that will stand out from others, making it fun to watch and informative at the same time.

Oushin posed on his motorcycle. Credited by Shelby Sanchez

I have had the opportunity to create information videos for the Latin American Deaf Club schedule of events, as well as the Deaf Basketball Association. I enjoy being part of the Deaf Volleyball Association as a player and as a Media Coordinator. I have also been involved with the Tigerfest as Public Relations Assistant. I feel very much in my element when I am producing entertaining and illuminating videos. This is my true passion. My goal is to find a meaningful job in the Multimedia field, producing creative videos, for business, social media, or advertising. Photography is an added skill I can bring to my employer. Finding the right job where I can bring my talents and my creativity will be the most fulfilling career I could ask for.

There is more information about me. Check my resume and LinkedIn . Thank you!

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