Sedera Zbranak: A Student Athlete

Hello, my name is Sedera and I am a double major inSedera's professional picture New Media Marketing and Media Arts and Technology with an immersion in Art History. I am currently in my third year and am looking forward to completing my second co-op this summer. While I have fallen in love with Rochester over these past three years, but  I always look for an excuse to head home to Austin, Tx, especially in the winter when it is so cold up here!

Why two majors?

I initially wanted to come to RIT to pursuer a degree in 3-D Animation. However, animation, while fun, was not the right fit for me. My adviser said: “Sedera  look into fields that combine art and technology”. After some back and forth, we came to Media Arts and Technology because it is still a creative artistic field that also encompasses many different skills like web design, photography, and print/production workflows. During this conversation, he suggests that I look into the cross over option with the New Media Marketing major. Meaning core classes I took for one major counted towards credits in the other.  While it I do have a large class load, I’m happy with the decision I’m made because it’s given me the opportunity to study a lot of varying topics.

Outside of the Classroom

Sedera's Backstroke start

While my academics keep me very busy, I am also a part of RIT’s Varsity Swimming and Diving team. These past three years have taught me the value of teamwork. As one of the captains this season has added additional responsibility but also a great opportunity for me to work on my leadership skills, which I believe will help me in where ever I end up in the next capture of my life.

Aside from swimming, I love being outdoors. When it is not below freezing, either I am at the farmers market, hiking, or just exploring what is around me. I am a very active person and do not do well just sitting inside for long periods.

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