Oluwatosin Arowosola

Digital Brand Manager

Hey guys! My name is Oluwatosin Arowosola. Too long, but you can call me Tosin (toe-sin). I have a BSc in Mass Communication from University of Lagos, Nigeria and currently a graduate student at RIT studying communications and media technology.

Let me take you on a journey about my passion…

I have a great interest in investigating brand communication, consumer engagement/behavior, digital media, and marketing/ advertisement. As an international student, I strive to look for opportunities that enable me acquire experiences in industries that are related to my field.

A philosophy I live by is

“Always know what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and most importantly to whom it should be said”.

Some Experiences

One of my most memorable experiences was an interview with Erin Foster, former director of marketing communications, Eastman Kodak. This was an opportunity for me to tap into her experience and expertise to learn about some real challenges, and how it was tackled. Watch here.

The Empty Hanger TV: An engaging multimedia project, that shows how and why clothes matter. Working on this project, helped me learn so much about the American market and also to see the difference, if any, in how digital marketing works or how it affects the target audience. I was able to see how a new business can use the new media to get a head start in the market. My research was focused on; management research tools, social platform scheduling, content type per platform and so on.

My most recent experience comes from Children Awaiting Parent (CAP). A non-profit organization, dedicated to finding adoptive families for waiting children. Every brand wants to have that online presence. My major role at CAP as a brand manager was to revamp the online presence, by creating campaigns that help to increase the brand’s identity. Some of the things I did included, but weren’t limited to, marketing campaigns, implementation plan, content creation, graphic design, website management and social media management.

The most interesting aspect of my role at CAP was the graphics design aspect. It was a challenge, but an exciting one which I am proud of myself for taking on. See, I had little to no idea on graphics design, but I basically taught myself how to use the available design software as it was a necessary tool to help me produce amazing results in my role as a brand manager.

I’m eager to continue learning and positioning myself in industries I can add value to.

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54 thoughts on “Oluwatosin Arowosola”

  1. Great write-up…and you do have a great attitude to learning and not allowing new things scare you. Keep it up and continue adding value to the things you take up…

  2. Well done Tosin, i know how passionate you have been and to see you achieve some of your dreams, is a joy to behold. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great job!
    This was worth reading, enlightening, and most of all brilliant. I’m sure you’ll reach heights you could have only dreamt off.

  4. Amazing write-up,
    It details your experience and how much of a learner, a doer you are.

    Keep at it and the sky is the starting point.

  5. Great article. There’s a lot of great non-profit organizations out there which needs better online presence on social media platforms. Creating and adding value to their brand is important and arduous in the process.

    The interview with Erin Foster discusses is insightful on the visualization of the campaign. To connect with specific cultures and ethnicities, the visual has to create a passive interaction and immersiveness with just one picture. No matter tha transition to the digital era a picture is still worth a thousand words.

  6. Great Topic . Digital marketing is verse and still uptap . The world is your oyster . Still research more deeply in your area of interest you will be amazed the results .Good luck .

  7. Again!!! flexibility, motivation and adaptability has been demonstrated. With these skill set, hardly will there be a mountain that you can’t overcome. all the best with your career.

  8. Fantastic work. Good to see what you are how well you are doing for yourself. Bringing BRANDS to life through effective and efficient communication designs delivered across all channels should be the hallmark of any business concern. Your philosophy of knowing What to say, How to say, When to say and Whom to say it to is all you require to develop and implement any brand communication strategy.

    So you’ve got the right footing Toe-Sin just keep the traction and Zooooooooom to the zenith.

  9. I have no doubt that your have acquired the technical know how to excel in the field of brand management, digital communication. Your experience and exposure will inspire you to be at the top of the industry. Your passion will keep you up there for a long time. Well done and keep the light burning….👍🏿

  10. Well done Tosin !
    It is certainly laudable that you took on the challenge and yet the opportunity to work with Children Awaiting Parent. Also quite audacious that you handled major aspects to revamp their online presence.
    I pray you will continually enjoy the blessings, experience & rewards from handling such a venture with determination, passion & diligence.
    Keep up the great work

  11. Well done dear, proud of you and the strides you’re taking towards achieving your life goals.
    Keep soaring, love you!!

  12. Having gone through your write-up Tosin, you are definitely in a good place with your career at the moment and I believe your passion will propel you further upward. Keep at it. I wish you nothing but the best!

  13. Hello Tosin . I like the toe sin part. I love the pix great smile and nice clothes. Interesting write up.
    Wish you the best in your studies and career. Would have loved to know more about you.

    Looking forward to reading more about you.


  14. Nice piece Tosin… it’s very clear that your drive and passion will set you apart in your field and continue to make you excel.

  15. So proud of you and the passion you have to succeed. Thank you so much.. great info! Keep pushing.. you are going places. Stay blessed! ♥️

  16. Amazing content.l thought your interview with the director was interesting and I admire your courage in putting this together welldone.

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