Life As A RIT Student

Ever wonder what life is like as a RIT Tiger?


At RIT, life as a student can be pretty fun. Rochester Institute of Technology has a little over 18,000 students with plenty of classes, clubs, and events for everyone.

One of the coolest things at RIT is the diverse amount of wellness classes. As a student, you are required to complete two wellness classes of your choice. Many have loved the Outdoor Education classes where students can go Cross Country Skiing, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, etc. These classes ad some fun to your semester and you can always take more than two of these classes before you graduate! Check out the classes offered here!
During the winter season, if you aren’t a hockey fan, attending RIT will surely make you one! To show pride for the Tigers, some of the best events on campus are the hockey games! Be prepared to cheer on your Tigers in the student section with all of your fellow classmates!
When the cold winter days finally turn into the warm spring days, make sure you have time to hang out at Global Village. Global Village has a lot of nice shops and great food choices. One of the favorites on campus is Salsaritas, which is the go-to restaurant where students can sit outside when the weather is nice. Lets not forget about the bar that’s on RIT’s campus, which is perfect for that drink between classes or after finals!
These are just some of the advantages of being a Tiger! Life as a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology is never boring!

Check out the RIT homepage here!

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