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I am a graduate student at RIT, NY pursuing Communications and Media degree. Five years back I was not even considering to be in the media industry or get a degree in such field as I was busy struggling to understand my engineering books. While I was doing my bachelors in electronics engineering (which I still don’t know how I completed) I also used to get involved in my dad’s business of PR and Media. Living in the city of Bollywood, which is Mumbai then called Bombay (India), I had a very keen interest in movies and following the trends and news happening in the entertainment industry. Being indulged in this as well as the family business of PR and Media consultancy, I developed a thought of following the path that I was interested in, which was to get in the media and entertainment industry. Having seen and done lots of events, campaigns, public relations etc. for the media and entertainment industry back at home, I thought of pursuing a master’s degree in this subject of mass media communications after doing my bachelors in engineering. It was kind of late for me to realize that engineering was not my cup of tea but as they say, “it’s never too late”. I am proud to have completed my bachelor’s in engineering though. So, after all that educational background drama in my non-film life, here I am, learning communications and marketing to work towards my goals in the media and entertainment industry.

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Just like everyone, I have my own set of interests. I have enjoyed playing soccer for many years and my favorite players have been David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. I support Manchester United and Real Madrid. Apart from my favorite sport, I like watching movies. My favorite genre is action/thriller and horror. I love to know and explore spooky/haunted things and places. Being in the United States, Halloween month has become a very interesting part of the year for me. I only listen to music genres of metal, hard rock, post-hardcore. With such a music genre, it is very difficult to find people with similar music taste. I like going to metal gigs and concerts and Bullet For My Valentine has been the most special as well as a favorite band for me.

6 thoughts on “Jatin Vichare”

  1. Yes, it’s never too late to pursue what you love, even if it would’ve taken some years to realise it. Keep going and do well in this! All the best and cheers 😁

  2. Superb jatsy …all luck to u …i have seen your struggle and hard work…u deserve to b der!!!
    Ur story is inspiration to all…

  3. It is always good & pays for if one pursue in which he/she is passionate about. Jatin, you are doing just that. Keep it up and you will excel in ever growing median & entertainment field.

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