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A Little About Me

My name is James Weiser, I am a fourth year New Media Marketing Student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)- Saunders College of Business. hoping to pursue a degree in marketing analytics and digital marketing. Some of my passions would include technology and a love of people. I am a server at Olive Garden in Greece New York, and have been doing that for four years. Previously I was a manager at Laser Quest which was an absolute blast. Not only was I at a place that enjoyed having fun, but everything  that I did there was valued. I got to work with the marketing team at HQ to come up with creative campaigns to increase our business. This is where my passion started for marketing.

In my free time I like to play video games with friends and go to the bar for a drink with some buddies. I am an extremely passionate person. If you need somebody to do something, I am the guy. I will spend countless hours to make sure that what I do is to my best ability.

My Future Life and Career

I would like to stay within Rochester NY as its close to family and wouldn’t be too much of a chance. My goal is to get a job at a nice digital marketing agency in Downtown Rochester and be able to earn enough money where I can move on my own. The immediate goal after graduation would be finding a summer co-op. Eventually, this hopefully could turn into a full time position afterwards.

My absolute dream would be to move to Los Angeles one day, get enough experience in Rochester and move to the west coast. I would do this once I feel like I am ready for a massive change in my life. Change does scare me, but it is inevitable.

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