Evan Yoder — New Media Marketing Student


About Me

Hey there!

My name is Evan Yoder and I’m a media focused marketing major from RIT. I know how to successfully launch a social media campaign and belt a C#5. I am from Greece, New York- we like to call it the economically stable Greece. F

What I do 

I’m a New Media Marketing student with a specialty in social media content curation, creation, and efficient team management. I additionally have knowledge on search engine optimization, consumer behavior, and brand development.

When I’m not on the job, I love hiking with my dogs, working my way through every recipe in the family cookbook, and singing with my a cappella group (which I run the marketing for).

Where am I Going?

I hope to use my communication and marketing skills to work on the advertising and PR teams for non-profit organizations. I have always made it my mission to spread as much joy as possible and I feel like non-profit organizations provide the perfect avenue to do that! Meeting passionate and powerful people always inspires me to spread their message; that is all non profits are filled with- inspiration!

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