Eric Peterson – New Media Marketing

Hello! My name is Eric Peterson and I am currently a senior at RIT majoring in New Media Marketing. My road to where I am now has been quite long. I originally started my college career at Jamestown Community College studying computer science. A couple years later I transferred into RIT’s software engineering program and things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would. My love for technology is still prevalent which is why New Media Marketing was appealing to me.

My interest in marketing stemmed from my love for music. I started playing guitar over ten years ago and have been teaching myself music production and audio recording, mixing, and mastering over the last few years. As a musician, you’re in one of the most competitive markets and the way you market and brand yourself is an essential step when first trying to establish yourself. Ultimately, I want to apply the skills I learned throughout my educational career to involve myself in creative marketing strategies, ideally in the music industry. Some of the work I’m interested in would include: social media marketing, artist promotion, A&R work, event planning, and SEO work.

One of my strengths that sets me apart is my drive. I have been working various restaurant jobs since 2013 and have been working throughout my entire college career. Most notably I was a manager at a local sandwich/garbage plate shop where I learned about managing a team, handling inventory and store orders, and money handling. Currently I am a server at Buffalo Wild Wings where I am learning the importance of providing the perfect customer experience.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me! To learn more you can check out my resume and linkedin pages!


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