Elise Hemink, AdPR

Elise Hemink

Advertising and Public Relations

Elise Hemink, Advertising and Public Relations student at RIT.
Elise Hemink, Advertising and Public Relations student at RIT.

Hello, my name is Elise Hemink. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, I decided to stay in the area to continue my education at RIT for the reason that I would be close to family and friends. Upon graduating, my degree will be in Advertising and Public Relations. Also, I will have minors in both Marketing and Psychology. As a result, I will graduate in May 2o18 and my goal is to begin working full time in the industry shortly after.

Why advertising/marketing?

My passion is working with people and finding better ways to communicate. I have strong writing skills and creative tendencies which led me to an interest in marketing. Furthermore, my time at RIT has molded me into a driven, business-minded professional and I am eager to take these skills with me into the workforce.

Aside from marketing:

I am passionate about my education but there is much more to me than that. Growing up in Chili, NY, my parents provided me with an amazing childhood. I’ve always been close to my siblings and had a great group of friends.  Above all, I am also a proud mother to a beautiful daughter named Lilly. Therefore, as you can imagine, I am almost always busy.

My Career Goals

Consequently, after graduation my dream is to work for a company where my skill set is put to the test. My hope is to work in social media and effectively craft messages to reach a specific target audience. I plan to stay in Rochester, NY and find a job in which I am passionate about. In conclusion, I hope the job I end up with allows me to experience new opportunities and pushes me to be better.





Finally, feel free to contact me via cellphone (585-314-7130) or email (Elise@mail.rit.edu) with any questions, comments, or concerns.


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3 thoughts on “Elise Hemink, AdPR”

  1. Really liking your writing, and the easy nature of using your hyperlinks, will come back to linkd in, never remember my sign on for it, lol…but I’d like to add you…Amy.

  2. Elise is a very impressive young woman who over the past 3 years has pulled up her bootstraps and continues her quest to be the best at what she does. She has a thirst for knowledge and a desire to remain in the city in which she was raised!

  3. Good luck after graduation Elise‼️ Your mom was a student of my mine when she attended Mayville Central School, so through FB, I have followed you as she posts family items. Your daughter is beautiful. Look forward to life’s challenges, it sounds like you will embrace them.

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