Choosing Adventure over Boredom

Choosing Adventure over Boredom

“What’s it like where you live?”Choosing Adventure

“What’s there to do in your hometown?”

When asked these questions, many people will say that where they live is boring and that there’s nothing to do. While a little boredom is understandable, there is never nothing to do. I’m talking about finding things to do. I’m talking about exploring and creating your own adventures.

Creating Adventure, Finding Depth

When I first moved to Rochester, NY, I was a little disappointed in what I thought the city had to offer. It had an empty feeling, seemed a little depressed, and a bit boring. I long for depth wherever I go. By depth, I mean the ability to get lost in a roots of a place: on a mountain, within the trees; in a city, under the streets and above the streetlights. Rochester is rich in history, so I knew that there was adventure to be had. I began searching for the depth in Rochester.

I began with popular spots: High Falls, Lower Falls, the abandoned subway. I talked to people at these spots; natives of Rochester who had passion for adventure as well. They told me of other places to explore; lesser-known spots that made for great microadventures.

I found out about (and explored) the 30-mile-long network of rock tunnels that bend and bellow deep below the city’s infrastructure. I’ve walked the old railroad bridge that stretches high across the Genesee River, just North of Smith Street. If you walk it at night, you’ll enjoy the beautiful view of Rochester’s glowing skyline.

If you think there’s nothing to do where you live, chances are you’re not looking hard enough.

Since I moved here four years ago, I haven’t been bored. My desire for adventure won’t allow me. My main point is this: Where you live isn’t the problem, it’s how you live that hinders us.

Daniel LoBosco

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