Soki Membere-Otaji


Hello, My name is Soki Membere-Otaji. I’m currently an MBA student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur with interests in the Financial Markets .


My interest in the Financial Markets came about in my sophomore year of my undergraduate studies. At the time I was a mechanical engineering student, but deep down inside I didn’t see my self graduating with this degree. I came across a YouTube video in which Will Smith talked about a book called Rich Dad, poor dad; and how the book  helped him to make better financial decisions.  This video resonated with me  because, when I was a kid my dad  gave me a lot of business books to read, and Rich dad poor dad was one of them.

Later on I came across a book called Security analysis. It was at that moment  my interest in the financial markets was kindled. I read a lot of books about the financial markets, and about people that were successful in the industry like Warren Buffet and George Soros.



In the spring semester of my sophomore year, I changed my major to Economics; and a few months after that I started trading stocks.  After graduating from the University of Houston, I  worked at a Stock broker firm in New York City. I got first hand experience on how to contact potential clients for the purpose of investing; and also witnessed the process of how capital was raised for companies that were  about to be listed  on the NYSE and NASDAQ. I also worked at an Investment Bank in Lagos, Nigeria. Working in an investment bank gave me deeper insight on how companies  raised capital.


Present & Future

I’m currently doing an MBA with a concentration in finance, and one day I hope to own an investment company. Investing in financial instruments such as : Stocks, bonds, Real Estate, Private Equity and Venture Capital; by the grace of God.