Marissa McCarthy – Management Information Systems MBA

Hi! Nice to meet you, my name is Marissa McCarthy.

All About Me

I am a first year MBA student at Rochester Institute of Technology with a focus in Management Information Systems. I’ve made Rochester my home for the last five years while I studied at RIT to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management. My education has been the perfect combination of both technical and business elements, igniting my love for managing events and innovating solutions to complicated problems. I have even had the chance to intern with two Fortune 500 companies! If you are interested about my experiences and skillset, feel free to take a look at my resume, attached below!

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Before college, I lived with my family in Saratoga Springs, NY. If you have never had the chance to visit before, I highly recommend making the trip! Saratoga is a beautiful city in Eastern NY set an hour north of the New York State Capital and twenty minutes south of the Adirondacks. While you’re there, make sure to check out all the restaurants on Broadway and spend a day betting on horses at the Saratoga Racetrack. I don’t get to go home often, but when I do, I look forward to spending time with my family and playing with my dog, Gracie.

What Does the Future Hold?

After graduating this Spring, I hope to get a full time position as a Systems Engineer or a Data Analyst at a defense company. There is nothing more exciting than knowing the work you do will help those who risk their lives to keep our country safe. Until then, I will be working hard to finish out my last year at RIT on a high!

Supply Chain Optimization, Made Simple by: Ryan Posadni

Your supply chain is a complicated process, but I can help! My education and unique work experiences can be applied to your unique  needs and help to optimize your supply chain.

About Me:

Over the course of my education and career, I have seen the many sides of what makes up the supply chain. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, the industrial spirit is in my bones. My education and my diverse supply chain work experiences allow me to understand the unique needs of different aspects of the supply chain, and how to best optimize your supply chain. Supply Chain Optimization will not only allow your company to become more efficient, but save you money!

My Education:

After completing my Undergrad at Niagara University, I chose to pursue my MBA. In May 2019 I will have complete my MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain from the Rochester Institute of Technology. The Rochester Institute of Technology’s Saunders College of Business is known for their MBAs being ready to make an impact from day one, and the skills I’ve learned and the certifications through Lean Six Sigma I have eared during my time at RIT will allow me to have an immediate impact of your business operations.

My Supply Chain Experience:

In order to make an impact on a company’s supply chain operations, you need to be familiar with all the different links that make up the supply chain. Throughout my career I have seen almost every aspect of the supply chain, and learned from these experiences in order to apply knowledge and real world experience. From learning Inventory Control for the Walt Disney Company, to learning trucking logistics at a local company called Leonard’s Express, I have seen what goes into the supply chain on a daily basis. I have also  helped operate a warehouse for a national material distribution company, Prime Source, and handled the financial operations for logistics factoring company Integrated Logistics. My thorough knowledge of multiple aspects of the supply chain allow me to see the “big picture” and how all operating decisions are interrelated.

Lets Connect

Below you will find my Resume and my LinkedIn account, feel free to reach out to me so we can discuss your supply chain needs! You can also check out what we are currently doing at Leonard’s Express.

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Shakira K. Jackson, Digital Marketer with a Heart of Gold!

Hi, I’m Kira Jackson.

I’m a 4th year New Media Marketing major at Rochester Institute of Technology. I’ll be graduating May 2018 with my B.S. degree in Business Administration.

About Me…

Shakira K. Jackson New Media Marketing Student, soon to be graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology.
Shakira k. Jackson

I’m an aspiring digital marketer who wishes to cross into the healthcare industry. At this moment you may be asking yourself, of all industries why the healthcare industry? The truth is, I really like helping people. If I had the patience and passion for it I probably would have become a doctor. But, here I am telling you why I decided to go to business school. The world of business and healthcare at times can seem cold and uncaring. I hope to show all who come in contact with my work, there is a marketer out there who has their best interest at heart.

My passion…

If you couldn’t tell from the previous paragraph I am a people person. I love to make people forget about their problems and worries. When I was 17 years old I began working in the Geriatrics & Palliative Care department at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield. Our work mainly focuses on progressing the MOLST program in New York State. The MOLST program is a medical order form that tells others the patient’s medical orders for life-sustaining treatment. All health care professionals must follow these medical orders as the patient moves from one location to another, unless a physician examines the patients, reviews the orders, and changes them. Everyone assumes that when it’s there time to “kick the bucket” they can do so as they please. That’s not true in NYS, if you don’t have medial orders signed by a physician that align with your wishes you can end up dying in a place you may not have wanted to be. I’m doing all that I can to assist in marketing the MOLST form to the public, so pretty soon it will not be a reality for many elderly people.

Marketing Plans for The Future…

Currently, I plan to attend Rochester Institute of Technology, or the University of Rochester for my Master of Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Healthcare. I plan to start my masters program 6 months – 1 year after graduating in May.

Join my network!

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Shakira K. Jackson’s Resume

Shakira K. Jackson’s Personal Website

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Reed Austin Resume

Content Creator Reed Austin Resume
Owner of RAD Rendering

Help me out by clicking on the Resume, thanks!


Hi Everyone,

I’m Reed Austin an entrepreneur and a senior New Media Marketing student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My teacher in my SEO class wants us to analyze the traffic being driven to this page using google analytics. If we get a lot of clicks on our links we get more data to use for the assignment. To help me out please click on all the links.

My background

If you are curious about my background at all then read on, but if you want the quick version you can skip to the end to click on my social media links. You can judge me based on those profiles and comments.

I started my educational journey in college as a computer engineer because I took five years of pre-engineering classes in my middle school to high school years. I fell in love with the problem-solving aspect early on in my pursuits to be an engineer.

Unfortunately, as time went on I found myself unhappy because I wasn’t being creatively fulfilled. I had a hobby of creating videos online since I was fourteen years old. Over the years I became more popular and realized my true passions lied within content creation.

I jumped from five different disciplines of engineering to economics and criminal justice and finally settled in new media marketing. It took some time, but I made the connection of using all these interests to create a business of my own that satisfied my passions and paid the bills.

But honestly the entire class just wants to see who can get the most clicks and from where around the world. Yah competitions!

Resume and Social Links


RAD Rendering Website

Reed Austin’s Twitter

Reed Austin’s Facebook

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Hello, I’m Liam Kerins!


I am currently a 4th year New Media Marketing Major at Rochester Institute of Technology and I will be graduating in May of 2018.


I have been playing on the Men’s Hockey Team at RIT for all four years. I have been fortunate enough to have won two league playoff championships and knock off the #1 ranked team in the nation in the NCAA tournament. Being on a team has helped me develop my communication and leadership skills as well as my time management outside of the rink.


I have always been fascinated in advertising and promotion of products, specifically in the sports world. I get drawn in by how the sports companies is able to  make you feel apart of the advertisement and in using the product through their intense sports commercials.

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Liam Kerins Resume 2018

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Sedera Zbranak: A Student Athlete

Hello, my name is Sedera and I am a double major inSedera's professional picture New Media Marketing and Media Arts and Technology with an immersion in Art History. I am currently in my third year and am looking forward to completing my second co-op this summer. While I have fallen in love with Rochester over these past three years, but  I always look for an excuse to head home to Austin, Tx, especially in the winter when it is so cold up here!

Why two majors?

I initially wanted to come to RIT to pursuer a degree in 3-D Animation. However, animation, while fun, was not the right fit for me. My adviser said: “Sedera  look into fields that combine art and technology”. After some back and forth, we came to Media Arts and Technology because it is still a creative artistic field that also encompasses many different skills like web design, photography, and print/production workflows. During this conversation, he suggests that I look into the cross over option with the New Media Marketing major. Meaning core classes I took for one major counted towards credits in the other.  While it I do have a large class load, I’m happy with the decision I’m made because it’s given me the opportunity to study a lot of varying topics.

Outside of the Classroom

Sedera's Backstroke start

While my academics keep me very busy, I am also a part of RIT’s Varsity Swimming and Diving team. These past three years have taught me the value of teamwork. As one of the captains this season has added additional responsibility but also a great opportunity for me to work on my leadership skills, which I believe will help me in where ever I end up in the next capture of my life.

Aside from swimming, I love being outdoors. When it is not below freezing, either I am at the farmers market, hiking, or just exploring what is around me. I am a very active person and do not do well just sitting inside for long periods.

Find Out More!

Learn more about me by clicking one of the following links:

Connect with me on LinkedIn

Follow RIT’s Swimming and Diving Teams

Review my Resume 

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Social Media Influencers and Their Impact on Consumer Behavior

Social media influencer marketing is still a relatively new trend, but it’s quickly becoming a go-to tactic for marketers seeking the attention of a generation of distracted, advertising-adverse consumers. For decades, marketers have used catchy slogans, graphics, and celebrity endorsers to get their audience to focus on their message. But today, traditional media channels are in decline and consumers are getting used to entertainment without interruption. Therefore, brands need reach their audience in more subtle and cost-effective ways. Enter, the social media influencer.

Generally speaking, influencers are social media users who enjoy substantial popularity on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. Many of these influencers are celebrities like actors, musicians, or athletes. Celebrities are frequently used in advertising because they are great at capturing consumer attention. In a world where it’s getting easier to avoid advertising altogether, that’s a difficult task! However, creating an advertising campaign with a popular celebrity is an expensive and time-consuming process.

Why use influencers?

Influencer marketing can achieve the same goal of consumer attention, but in a much simpler way. Instead of hiring photographers, creatives, and a media team, brands let the influencer create content and distribute it to their thousands or millions of followers. This strategy is not only cheaper and more efficient, it also has greater potential to impact consumer opinions because the audience has opted into following an influencer and likely cares about what they have to say.

By sharing aspects of their everyday lives on their social media profiles, these celebrities make their fans feel more connected to them than ever before. This also makes them more susceptible to subtle brand messages intertwined between personal posts about what the influencer ate for lunch or what they did on their vacation.

The new celebrity influencers

While many of the most popular social media influencer accounts are owned by traditional celebrities, social media has also given rise to another subset of influencers that are a lot more like your average Joe. The ‘social media celebrity’ is a new breed of public figure that starts off as an ordinary social media user.  Through sharing interesting, original content, hey manage to acquire a mass audience of followers and the attention of brands.

Many of these social media influencers exist within niche online communities, like travel, parenting, fitness, or fashion. Their opinion leader roles in online circles make them attractive for brands targeting a specific audience actively looking for information. These influencers are also pros at fostering meaningful, relationships with their followers that make them seem like friends. Brands can take advantage of these relationships by using influencers to spread positive word-of-mouth about their products on social media.

The Internet and social  media has caused drastic changes in the media landscape. This shift has challenged marketers to find new ways to reach their audience. Social media may be a distraction from traditional advertising channels, but it’s also an opportunity. Brands that learn how to harness the power of influencers and connect with online audiences will be able enhance their image and increase awareness more efficiently and cheaply than ever before.

Morgan Neal – Almost a Master

Morgan Neal
Hello friends, family, and strangers curious or bored enough to click on my link and end up on this page. Just by landing here, you’re helping me with a project for one of my classes, so thanks!

For this assignment, I’ll be analyzing the traffic being driven to this webpage on Google Analytics for an internet marketing class I am taking in my final semester at RIT. For the past two years, I have been pursuing a Master of Science in Communications and Media Technology – an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the ways in which technological, social, and cultural changes impact message creation and dissemination. In addition to taking two classes this semester, I am also working on my thesis – a mixed methods study about Instagram influencers, their relationships with their followers, and their impact on consumer behavior.

Lately I’ve been spending way more time on campus than I usually like to, but when I do get some free time between classes, reading assignments, and thesis research I find ways to destress – typically involving food and wine. My parents have instilled in me a taste for spicy dishes and California reds. In a past life I was a notoriously picky eater, but now I will try just about any dish that is put in front of me (as long as it doesn’t contain ketchup or mayonnaise). As for my taste in wines, it’s getting gradually more refined, but also more expensive than my current budget allows for. That’s not the reason I decided to get a Master’s degree, but an increased wine budget will be a welcome fringe benefit of my hard work.

I also enjoy going out to see live music any chance I get and feel lucky to live in a city that always seems to have something going on. In the summer, you’ll likely find me dancing through the Jazz Festival or sipping craft beers at Party in the Park. When it’s snowing and below zero here in Rochester, the promise of good music is one of the only things that can pry me away from the couch. Good food and good wine are two others.

I’ve always been an athlete, doing gymnastics in elementary and middle school, pole vault in high school, and diving for four years at Binghamton University where I got my bachelor’s degree in marketing. My days of flipping off springboards is over, but I stay active with yoga, weightlifting, and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Before RIT, I worked as a product and marketing specialist for a small online retail company and a receptionist at a local marketing agency (all of which you can read about in the links below). Now that I’m in the home stretch of this goal, I am looking forward to taking the next steps in my career in social media, public relations, or market research. 

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably sick of hearing about me. But if you’d like to know more, or want to give me a little more help with this project, go ahead and click on the links below!

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Check out my Resume

View my Porfolio

Thanks for stopping by!