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I am a third-year business marketing major at Rochester Institute of Technology. My goal is to be a successful businessman that puts honesty and integrity first. I add leadership skills to every team that I work on and bring a positive outlook every day.  I run my own company where I buy and sell clothing. I started this company in 2014, It went from only buying sneakers to now clothing. I want to later find a career in the fashion industry being a creative director or marketing director for a high end fashion company


Marketing Plan                                                                         

Created a marketing plan for a new product that was mainly focused on outlining the process of achieving accomplishments used target marketing towards a specific demographic and geographic area. Collected marketing analytics in the field and created a campaign according to the research.

Service Audit

Created a 40 page research paper and presented our findings. Did quantitative and qualitative research into the clothing brand Lululemon. Created surveys and focus groups to answer the question of why were people buying their product over other athleisure brands. Also looked at secondary data to en-company our research findings.

More about me

In my free time, I play rugby for RIT. I am the starting flanker for the team. I also enjoy fishing and going on hikes. I usually go to Colorado every year to go on various hikes with my family and friends. Another big part of me is my love of marketing. I have been working for RIT for some time now as a Marketing Coordinator for RIT AS. I work with dining and Arenas. I try to make engagement the best while using analytics to make sure our social media to be the best that it possibly can be. I am excited to learn more and become a success in the marketing industry. Please help me through this journey and help me find a co-op this summer so I can gain more industry knowledge.

Karla Delgado Nolasco: RIT Marketing Student

Karla Delgado Nolasco


Welcome! My name is Karla Delgado Nolasco. I am a Marketing student minoring in Advertising and Public Relations from Rochester Institute of Technology Saunders School of Business.

Some more about me

After coming to RIT, I was decided on joining the Power Yoga club, which has turned into a hobby, and I will be most likely to keep practicing it in the future. In the summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to do a co-op on one of the most recognized companies from Latin America called Belcorp. The firm is known because of their brands: Esika, L’Bel, and Cyzone. It is placed on the makeup industry, and since then I have been interested in working in the makeup industry. In the future, I plan to have the experience of working in the music industry because music has been part of my life in many ways like in my hobbies. I am also interested in social marketing which looks to help the community using marketing tools. I look forward to help my community, specifically in my hometown Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, since it is part of who I am. Please feel free to interact with me. Go ahead and take a look at my resume down here, thank you for reading me!

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The Outstanding Works of Historical Fiction Author, William Dalrymple

William Dalrymple is a historical fiction writer, an art historian, curator, broadcaster and critic; to name some of the caps he wears. Dalrymple is the recipient of numerous awards in every field that he has ventured into. Born in Scotland in 1965, Dalrymple was educated at Ampleforth and Trinity College, Cambridge. He was first a history exhibitioner and later a senior history scholar.

Dalrymple’s Early Works

At the young age of 22, Dalrymple wrote “In Xanadu,” which was based on his personal travels along the route followed by Marco Polo from Jerusalem to Mongolia which won him the Yorkshire Post Best First Work Award, among other awards.  In 1989, Dalrymple traveled to India to research his first of many books on the country, “City of Djinns,” the capital city of India, Delhi, a city which has been ransacked (by invaders) seven times over and rebuilt on the ashes. “City of Djinns” was later followed by “From the Holy Mountain” and “The Age of Kali.”

Sex, Politics, Starvation and Historical Fiction

Dalrymple started concentrating on writing history in 1999, with “White Mughals.” Dalrymple’s style of writing blends his meticulous research with adventure and is what sets his writings aside, making it so appealing to the reader. This work focused on the relations between the British, who were slowly conquering India, and the Mughals, who were ruling India at the time. Based on his research of the late 18th to early 19th century India, the author and historian presented the atmosphere of sexual attitude and social etiquette present at the time as well as trade relations, military, and political deals happening between the British and the Mughals.

Unlike Dalrymple’s other works, “Nine Lives” is a collection of fascinating stories on the most bizarre Indian rituals.  This work is a culmination of his twenty-five years of travel and research in India. Dalrymple artfully brings out the reasons why the nine people in the book follow these faiths and practices; like the Jain nun who watched her friend starve herself to death, an accepted practice among the Jains. 

India and Other Roads Less Travelled

Despite Dalrymple’s continued love affair with India, he has toured other countries such as Australia, Holland, and the United States. Apart from India, his interests include the history and the art of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East; religions of the Muslim world, Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism and early Christianity – they have all found a way into Dalrymple’s work.

Dalrymple’s Historical Flair and Other Honors

William Dalrymple has a flair for narrating history through storytelling and scholarship; he quotes from journals, includes trans-cultural research deftly time weaving story, intrigue, and history. He takes the reader on a journey through the ages as he reveals the grandeur, the subterfuge, the class disparities, and the atmosphere prevalent during the times.  He leaves the reader wanting for more and has been fulfilling that request with his consequent releases. Dalrymple is the recipient of numerous awards; he has written and presented the television series, Stones of the Raj and Indian Journals which have won him the Grierson Award at the BAFTA for the best documentary series in 2002.

Dalrymple is the co-founder and Director of the Jaipur Literature Festival, held annually in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. He is married to Olivia, an artist, and they have three children, Ibby, Sam, and Adam.  They divide their time between their farmhouse in Mehrauli, outside Delhi, India, and their homes in London and Edinburgh.  His latest release is “The Anarchy,” which shows the downfall of the Mughal Empire in India and how The East India Company gradually strengthened its position finally conquering India for the crown. It has been announced that “White Mughal” will be made into a film, directed and starred by Ralph Fiennes, however the film is still in development as of this posting.

Rohini Mukherjee – Digital Marketing, MBA

Hi! My name is Rohini Mukherjee. I am currently pursuing my MBA with a concentration in Digital Marketing from Saunder’s College of Business (RIT). Anticipating graduating in May 2020.

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My story so far

Born and brought up in the steel town of Jamshedpur, India, I moved to Mumbai after school to pursue my Bachelors in Economics from St. Xavier’s College. This was followed by a move to the United States to do a Masters in Human Resource Development from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2008.

On completing my master’s degree, I returned to India and joined our family business as the Head of Human Resource. It was very challenging being the only woman working in a team of over 300 employees. Having gained a couple of years of work experience and observing my Dad as an entrepreneur, when opportunity presented itself, I went ahead and became an entrepreneur myself.

Designclature – A partnership venture

I launched Designclature, a mobile app development firm. It was a partnership where my partner was looking into the technical aspect and I was looking into the business aspect of the company.

Cake Inc. – Merging my love for baking and being an entrepreneur

Over time I discovered I had a passion for baking. When the partnership was dissolved, I moved to Bangalore to complete a course in baking science and pastry art. On completing the course .I launched Cake Inc., a boutique bakery dealing with made to order, customized desserts and cakes.

Returning to school

While I enjoyed being an entrepreneur and working in the food industry, I always felt the desire to study further. I eventually returned to Rochester Institute of Technology in August 2018. I am currently in the process of completing my MBA with a concentration in Digital Marketing. Coming back to school after a 8 year gap was very challenging. However, I have been enjoying every minute of it.

Leopard Solutions – A summer co-op

I spent the summer of 2019 working with a legal database company (Leopard Solutions) in New York City. They are a company known to provide a recruiting tool to the legal industry. One of the biggest projects I got to work on was rebranding their products as not just a recruiting tool but also a market intelligence tool for a legal industry. To achieve this, I had to redesign their website, re-work their content, SEO and metadata so they show up on the desired searches. While I completed the designing of the website and content, the new website is still to be launched.

Moving forward

Marketing is an area that has always fascinated me. Armed with a MBA degree in Digital Marketing along with my past work experience, I hope to make a career in the creative side of Marketing – Advertisement, Product Launch, Brand Awareness, Social Media and other Online Marketing to name a few.

Meghan Lavender: Internet Marketing


Hi Everyone! My name is Meghan Lavender and I was born and raised in Rochester, NY. I am currently a graduate student at RIT in the MBA program with a concentration in Marketing. I recently graduated from RIT this past May with a degree in Packaging Science and am doing the 4+1 accelerated MBA so I will be graduating this upcoming May!

Although I have not started my career yet, I have completed two co-ops during my undergraduate degree. For my first co-op I worked for Wrigley’s Wm. Jr Company in Chicago, IL working as a packaging engineer on the seasonal team. The seasons in which I was assigned too were Halloween and Christmas so I had a lot of fun creating new packaging for Skittles, Starbursts and Lifesavers! During my second co-op I worked for PepsiCo in Valhalla, NY which is just outside of NYC. I was assigned to the LifeWTR Brand and attended multiple line trials to ensure the implementation of new manufacturing lines and bottle designs worked cohesively with one another. This co-op allowed me the opportunity to travel all across the country to places I have never been before such as California, Kansas, Oklahoma and Rhode Island to mention a few.

Aside from school and work I like to go boating at my cottage, cook, workout, travel to new places and I am also interested in interior design and renovating! 

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James Weiser

The One, the Only James Weiser!

james weiser

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A Little About Me

My name is James Weiser, I am a fourth year New Media Marketing Student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)- Saunders College of Business. hoping to pursue a degree in marketing analytics and digital marketing. Some of my passions would include technology and a love of people. I am a server at Olive Garden in Greece New York, and have been doing that for four years. Previously I was a manager at Laser Quest which was an absolute blast. Not only was I at a place that enjoyed having fun, but everything  that I did there was valued. I got to work with the marketing team at HQ to come up with creative campaigns to increase our business. This is where my passion started for marketing.

In my free time I like to play video games with friends and go to the bar for a drink with some buddies. I am an extremely passionate person. If you need somebody to do something, I am the guy. I will spend countless hours to make sure that what I do is to my best ability.

My Future Life and Career

I would like to stay within Rochester NY as its close to family and wouldn’t be too much of a chance. My goal is to get a job at a nice digital marketing agency in Downtown Rochester and be able to earn enough money where I can move on my own. The immediate goal after graduation would be finding a summer co-op. Eventually, this hopefully could turn into a full time position afterwards.

My absolute dream would be to move to Los Angeles one day, get enough experience in Rochester and move to the west coast. I would do this once I feel like I am ready for a massive change in my life. Change does scare me, but it is inevitable.

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Abigail Woodward | Behind A RIT Social Media Account


My name is Abigail Woodward. I’m at 4th year New Media Marketing Student. I’m currently a social media coordinator for Abigail Woodward Photoauxiliary services for RIT.
 About Me
I was born and raised in Rochester.
Which means two things:
1) I’ve had a garbage plate
2) I can drive in the snow.
I started my college career at Monroe Community College with an Associates in Business Administration. During that time at MCC my father was diagnosed with ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease. During that time, I wasn’t able to do a lot of extracurriculars during that time. I would split my time between my dying father, two part-time jobs, and  school full time. From MCC I transferred to RIT, my dream school, and continued to make my father proud. He tried to hang on so he could see me graduate but, passed away March of ’17. Since then, I’ve been able to take time for myself to help re-fall in love with RIT and Rochester. 
Work History
In New Media Marketing, you have to be flexible and learn as much as possible so during my co-ops.
Summer ’17
    In the summer of ’17 I was able to start as a social media intern for RIT’s business incubator, Venture Creations. It was a wonderful experience, I learned how to run a professional social media account and see development of  businesses first hand. Also, I strengthened my Photoshop skills as well as using Newsletter software.
Fall ’17
   For Fall ’17 I was the retail marketing intern for Barnes & Noble @ RIT. At Venture Creations, we had start-ups from different areas, so focusing on one building such as Barnes & Noble @ RIT was a nice change of pace. At Barnes & Noble I worked on their social media as well as content creation and event planning.
What I’m Doing Now
  Currently, I work with a great team of people at RIT’s Student Auxiliary Services. I help coordinate their social media accounts and help during events.
So In All I’ve Helped Run:
  • Venture Creations Incubator’s Twitter and Facebook
  • Barnes & Noble @ RIT’s Facebook and Instagram
  • Digital Den’s Facebook
  • Global Village’s Facebook and Instagram
  • RIT Dining Services’ Facebook and Twitter
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Meet Lauren Carroll!


Hi, my name is Lauren Carroll! I moved from Canada to Rochester, New York to attend Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). As of May 2018, I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in New Media Marketing and a minor in Exercise Science. After completing my undergraduate degree, I am then looking to further my education career by obtaining my Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Over my time at RIT, my academic success has seen my name to the Deans Honour Roll and the College Hockey America (CHA) Academic Team. Therefore, my academic success has lead me to seek out further education and experience.

My passion of school and hockey has resulted in playing Division I hockey for the RIT Women’s Hockey team. Because of my passion and leadership skills have lead me to be appointed Captain for the 2017-18 season.

While attending to my academics, as well as continuing my sports life, I have also found the time to expand my work experience. I am currently interning with the Athletic Department at RIT. As a member of the Athletic Department Staff, I am responsible for a multitude of tasks. The main task consisting of advertising and promotion for school athletic events. In my previous work experience, I also had the opportunity to gain knowledge within social media marketing while interning at Peaks Training and Therapy.

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A Montanan: Megan Freeman

Megan FreemanWho is Megan Freeman?

Hi there! Looks you don’t know who I am. Great opportunity to introduce myself! My name is Megan Freeman and I am not related to Morgan Freeman! I am currently a fourth year student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) studying Management Information Systems (MIS) with a minor in Digital Business and an immersion in Legal Studies. I’m from Missoula, Montana. About three days of a drive! It’s a long ways! I will be graduating in Spring 2018! So exciting!


Considering the fact I’m from the west, I love to hike, mountain bike, snowboard, horseback riding, and swimming. I’m a very outdoorsy person but I also like to play board and video games with friends. I haven’t explored enough of Rochester to find the best places for outdoor activities. The most favorite that I have been to is Letchworth Park.


I am involved with the Tri Sigma Sorority, RIT Equestrian Team, and Women in Business Club. For the Equestrian Team, I am the Western Team Captain for just about three and a half years now. Competitions I do are both in Western and English in NY and I will be going to regionals this year! I am also involved in many philanthropy events for Tri Sigma like Sign Idol and Relay for Life.

 Why MIS?

The concept of working with computers in the business aspect is what drew me to the major. The major offered several coding classes that I was really interested in taking like HTML, CSS, C#, Visual Studios. Computers are my thing! With this knowledge from learning in the MIS field, I hope to become a CEO or CMO of an well-known company or agency. If that doesn’t work out, I might try out for Law School and become a lawyer like my parents! Either way works!

That’s all I have for now! Check out my resume, Facebook, Linkedin pages so that I can pass and graduate on time! Also, please feel free to comment below with any questions or suggestions!


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