Corinna Capron – Market Research Aspirer

Hi everyone! It’s me, Corinna. In May of 2018 I graduated from SUNY Geneseo, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a minor in Mathematics. Currently, I am a graduate student at RIT, pursuing my MBA with a concentration in Digital Marketing.  I’ll be graduating in August of 2019. I have dreams of going into Market Research. I am experienced. I am driven. I am a Leader. 

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I am Experienced.

Through interning at Wegmans in their consumer research department, I gained valuable insight about decision-making on the client-side of marketing consumer products. I developed understanding of reaching the customers’ needs and creating value that is relevant to them.

The KJT Group provided me with an excellent internship experience, where I worked in a team to research various healthcare markets and provide insight to clients. I learned new skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods and helped to ensure accuracy throughout all steps of the research process.

I am Driven.

Could I have received my undergraduate degree and immediately enter the workforce? Yes. Did I choose to do that? Nope. I am pursuing my MBA and Rochester Institute of Technology in the Saunders School of Business, which is AACSB Accredited. Through this reputable university I hope to utilize my new learnings in the career path I will begin upon graduating. I chose to stay focused and grow my education before beginning my career journey.

I am a Leader.

Experience on the Leadership Team of the International Sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon has given me the experience to coordinate teams and contribute to solving problems that face an organization overall. I was the Vice President of Programming, coordinating various community service and philanthropy events and working with the leadership team to make organization-wide decisions.  

So What?

I want to work in Market Research. This is for two important reasons:

  1. I am a natural when it comes to numbers. Math has always been my favorite subject, so much so that I made it a minor in my undergraduate program. Quantitative studies are satisfying to me, in that you can make realistic, applicable determinations based on numbers and data about consumers. I find that awesome. I hate uncertainty and market research helps bridge that gap.
  2. I am naturally nosey. I always want to know what is going on in other people’s heads, and I think that is necessary in this field. You need to want to understand what the people want, and research helps to do just that. What do the customers want? And why? I am determined to find out.

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments you have!

Introduction to Kayla Matthews

About Kayla Matthews :

My name is Kayla Matthews and I am a third year New Media Marketing student with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations; with an expected graduation of Spring 2019. I transferred to RIT with an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Monroe Community College. I am looking for a Social Media Marketing internship/co-op for Summer 2018 or Fall 2018. Very excited and eager to accept a marketing co-op that will allow me to get real-world experience; and insight on how my education will become a career.

Kayla’s involvement on campus:

During my time at MCC, I was not involved on campus and I wanted to make sure that was not the case here at RIT. During my first semester, I joined Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. I love the connections it brings me and allows me to be more involved on campus. Being a commuter it does make it more hard for students to get involved.

Kayla’s Work experience:

My work experience includes six years of customer service. I currently work for Luxe Salon & Spa as a Spa Coordinator and Get Caked Bakery and a customer service representative. Lastly, I am an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential oils and social media allows me to grow my business easily. I enjoy using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to inform my friends, family and followers more about the benefits of using essentials oils and the many other products Young Living provides.

I recently have just started a marketing internship with Think Mink Marketing. This internship is done remotely which has helped me increase my productivity, time management, and self-discipline since I do not go into an office to complete my work.

Learn more about Kayla here:

Resume: Kayla Matthews

LinkedIn: Kayla Matthews

Instagram: Kayla Matthews

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Miss Media Marketing

profile photo of New Media Marketing person
Eboni Ellis

My name is Eboni, I study New Media Marketing and I love art! There is art in the way a wave crashes on

the sand or the way a meal is presented at a restaurant. You can say I’ve dedicated my life to the arts. I have bungee jumped in Mexico, jet skied in Aruba, and even cooked paella in Spain. I’ve been savvy with paint brushes and pencils for as long as I can remember. I consider myself to be very free spirited and open minded. So, when it came to picking a career for myself the choice was obvious! I was going to study… new media marketing.

Social Coin Company group photo coop for new media marketing
Social Coin Company group photo

Confused? Well let me explain. I believe marketing is a form of art. Anything that requires a level of creativity and innovation is art. Media Marketing done right has the ability to tap into people’s emotions, twist the way they think and move millions towards a common goal. If that’s not an art form I don’t know what is. Have you ever seen a n add the made you smile or a commercial that brought you dangerously close to tears? Well that is art… and art has always been a huge part of my life and by studying marketing I know it always will be.

I was able to apply the skill sets I learned into my work experience and have had huge impact on not only the company but the world! If you want to learn more about me and how I am doing my part to change the marketing world check out the links below!

I represented Social Coin at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain!



I wrote a children’s book! Check it out


Are you interested in more New Media Marketing students from RIT and what they have accomplished? Meet Kayla

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Sheldon Ennis-Mitchell

Hello Everyone,Analytics: Ennis-Mitchell my name is Sheldon Ennis-Mitchell. I’m in my fifth year at the Rochester Institute of Technology, studying Management Information Systems, and minoring in Digital Business & Finance. Ultimately, my goal is to use my MIS degree to pursue a career in Data Analytics.

I am originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut – which is about a half hour north of the Bronx, NY. So coming to Rochester for school wasn’t much of an adjustment, though the weather here isn’t most ideal haha. Over my time here at RIT, I’ve looked to be involved and active in the Rochester community. I’ve served on executive boards for a number of clubs and organizations that are geared to promoting societal change. A Change albeit from academic excellence, professional networking, and community service. I am very passionate about the next chapter in my life once I graduate in May.

The next chapter… Analytics? Community Outreach?

Aside from pursuing a career in Data Analytics, I want to mentor young students toward a furthering their education and becoming leaders in the community. It is important that our current generation grows daily, while using that growth to lead and inspire future generations to do the same. I know is a tremendously tall task, with a lack of funding and support for education and extra curricular programs. But my childhood friends and I hope to start an inner city Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. A program in which graduates of the Bridgeport Public School System can come together and create programs and initiatives that can not only encourage an avenue for students to succeed academically, but to find a inner passion and have the necessary resources to pursue that passion.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X.

Let’s Connect

If you want to network or connect with me in any capacity, feel free to take a look at my resume, follow me on my various social media, or visit my website to get some more insight on any work or personal projects that I’m currently working on.

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Jessica Serpe – Hi Friends!


If you’re reading this now, that means that you were nice enough to click on the link that I emailed, text, or messaged you, or that was posted on my Facebook page. So, thanks for that! Your participation will help me to learn the basic ins and outs off Google Analytics, as I track where in the world my visitors click from, how they navigated to this site, how long they spent on each page, and so on. I won’t know your name exactly (but don’t worry, I’m sure Google already does!).

A little bit about myself: I am taking this Internet Marketing course as I work to fulfill the requirements of the MBA program at Rochester Institute of Technology. Taking courses only part time (except for this summer when I thought it was a GREAT idea to enroll in a full time course load including Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Supply Chain Management!) I expect to graduate in August 2018. Much of my resume involves RIT, as I currently work on campus as the Events Manager for University Gallery, and have already completed a Masters in Travel & Tourism Management degree here at RIT.

My passions include art, travel, and education, and I jump at the chance to immerse myself in different cultures and learning opportunities whenever I get the chance. I have traveled to over 40 countries, many of which I did so independently, although I now love embarking on adventures around the world with my husband Sam. That is, when he’s not too busy renovating our house or installing blinds for our company Affordable Blinds.

Enough about us, but I do have one last favor to ask.. if you would be so kind as to click through a link or two on this site, that would leave me with even more trackable data, bringing me that much closer to an A in this course!

Thanks in advance!

More info:

Check out my Resume

Or better yet, add me on LinkedIn

Cedric Hairston New Media Marketing (RIT)

Hello my name is Cedric Hairston. I’m a 4th year New Media Marketing student at The Rochester Institute of Technology. My marketing

experience has been limited to the Healthcare industry where I’ve been employed with Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) for their Summer
Experience Internship Program in Nashville, Tennessee. Through that program I’ve been able to receive training and mentorship working on different marketing and communication’s teams that have been in fields such as Customer Relation’s Management and Information Security and Protection. I’ve also had the fortunate opportunity to lead and present multiple community outreach programs centered around helping at risk Nashville adolescence.

Throughout all of my marketing experiences I’ve noticed the common theme of “leaving a positive impact” with my own flavor of jazz thrown in to make it special. Whether it be a regular day to day actions, projects, employment etc. making a positive impact has been the driving force and standard in just about anything I take on and a key ingredient to my own personal success. to learn more about me I’ve posted a link to my LinkedIn profile and a copy of my resume. Thank you.

new post, who dis?


If you’ve recently clicked
any bizarre 👏and 👏esoteric 👏links 👏from a video, image, or social media post then that’s excellent. 
You’ve fallen for my trap card. Marketing is a powerful tool of manipulation and I have used it to great effect. Go me.

By the way I am Kyle Flores, but you can call me K-Flo, or the best. I’m a New Media Marketing student extraordinaire with a dash of Software Engineering minor and a splash of Music immersion🎼. I’m multidisciplinary af. Here’s a list of my amazing achievements:

      • Chairman of Public Relations Committee Space Time Adventures at RIT🚀, 2015-2016
      • Vice President & Treasurer of the RIT Ukulele Club, Fall 2015-Summer 2016
      • King of the 🐍Lizard People Party, Winter 1368-Season 20XX
      • Project Lead for Beneath the Surface for a thing, Fall 2016
      • Previous majored in Game Design & Development & Software Engineering
      • good soft skills👌👌

As my list of accomplishments shows, I’m pretty great. Please refer to this resume thing or this linkedin page for more reasons why I should be hired for literally whatever job you have.

Check out this guy!

Hey! My name is Daniel Vasilew and I appreciate your cooperation for arriving to this page and learning a little bit about me. Currently, I find it weird knowing that I am finally approaching graduation this semester at RIT. It feels like I just finished up Freshman year and skipped right into Senior year. I am just happy knowing that I will be leaving college with awesome friends and great memories.  I started out at this school with a major in Computer Science. Needless to say, coding is not my strong suit. This was my first semester here. I decided to switch over to New Media Marketing and have enjoyed it since.

Marketing was something I became really fascinated in. This is because there are so many different aspects to it and it always presents a challenge. I have always enjoyed being creative and I enjoy thinking about the bigger picture. To me, marketing is about understanding who the consumer is and what captures their attention. The classes that I have taken so far have been enjoyable and now I am about to graduate. I look forward to working out in the real world and bringing my marketing skills  to a company I might end up working at one day.

With this in mind, there is one thing I want to do and that is to work in the gaming industry for a company such as Ubisoft or Rockstar. They really know how to market their video games and this is something I would like to partake in one day.

So, if you have any interest at all as to who I am, then I would highly advise that you take a look at my resume and linkedin profile. It would make my day ten times better.

Click here to open Daniel’s Resume

Click here to go to Daniel’s Linkedin page


The Story of Young Aspiring Donald Draper

My name is James Maxwell and this is my story,

As a fourth year student at Rochester Institute of Technology, I can definitely establish that my college career has been one heck of a ride. Creating tons of new relationships and memories that will carry on with me for a lifetime. Significantly expanding my knowledge of the business world and how various aspects of business operates. Solely to find my passion in New Media Marketing.

Marketing has always been a fascinating concept to me. I am always intrigued by being able to study and define critical segments within a specified market and effectively sell a product or service that will truly benefit them. Now integrating the immense world of the internet to that mix, and the possibilities are endless. Through devoted motivation I intend to utilize my digital skills and marketing knowledge to change the world of internet marketing, for the better.

Aside from trying to change the world, I have a strong love for cars. Since I was born I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing cars. Not literally of course, but intensive enough to where I can name every cars make, model, and engine inside a large parking lot. In addition to my passion in cars, I find movies and TV series enjoyable. More specifically pieces of art that reflect the essence of cinematic film making and incorporate the use of symbolism effectively.

“It’s your life. You don’t know how long it’s gonna last, but you know it doesn’t end well. You’ve gotta move forward … as soon as you can figure out what that means.” -DonaldDraper

Connect with me and together lets revolutionize the world of internet marketing.


Linked In:

Alexis Ton – Digital Marketer and System Developer

Click here for Alexis Ton’s Resume
Click here for Alexis Ton’s LinkedIn

Hey there! My name is Alexis Ton. I’m a fourth year student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), double majoring in New Media Marketing and Management Information Systems with an immersion in Urban Studies. I came to RIT thinking that I was going to graduate with a marketing degree, but after being introduced to the more technical aspects of business I decided to dive into double majoring in New Media Marketing and Management Information Systems.

I always had a passion to learn about consumer behavior and how to creatively implement that into business marketing strategies. Now, I’ve expanded my boundaries and have embraced the endless opportunities in the digital world. Marketing in the digital world has its benefits over traditional marketing – it can read and target customers more closely and efficiently across multiple platforms. As a digital marketer, I know how the internet works to understand what kind of person you are, and how it can persuade you to choose one site over another.

After changing my major to New Media Marketing, I decided to take on my other major: Management Information Systems (MIS). Developing information systems catches my interest because it promotes organization, seamless work experience, and overall efficiency within a business. Optimization is a major goal in most businesses, and developing a system that works is a vital key to achieving it.

Please check out my resume and LinkedIn 

Allison Shaw: Aunt & Aspiring Social Media Expert

Hi! My name is Allison and I’m a 4th year New Media Marketing student at RIT. I currently have two jobs on campus involved in social media. I work for Behind the Bricks as a Social Media Analyst and at Student Government as their Content Manager. While attending RIT, I have completed two co-ops that have given me outstanding marketing experience. Both my education and jobs have given me a background in WordPress, HTML, CSS and Google Analytics. I hope to further pursue a career in social media as this is a big passion of mine.

Other than working and going to school, I also enjoy the occasional Netflix binge, traveling, Zumba and spending time with my family and friends. This includes my very best friend, my six month old niece, Jovie.

If you would like to know more about me, feel free to check out my resume or visit my LinkedIn.

Lucia Forte’s Portfolio

Lucia Forte

Hello! My name is Lucia Forte. I am a senior at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) majoring in digital media marketing and immersing in communication. I’m originally from Utica, New York which is about 2 hours East of Rochester, New York.

Some of my work experience outside of course related work includes a marketing communications co-­op over the Summer of 2016 at Indium Corporation, as a marketing communications intern. At Indium Corporation, I was overseeing the internship blog page, working on updating the e-commerce website, and creating internal/external announcements. I am also currently doing a part-time digital marketing co-op at Brandmint, where I am creating a website on Squarespace, creating and posting content for social media posts, working on the blog, and reaching out to local publications in-order to promote the company. I also plan on doing another co-op during the summer of 2017  in-order to gain as much experience as possible before heading into the workplace.

After graduating, I wish to work for a marketing company that specializes in marketing for pharmaceutical and health corporations globally. I also hope to continue my education and work towards a degree in health studies.

In between my co-­ops and school work I also work part­‐time as the head hostess at Black and Blue Steak and Crab which is a restaurant in Pittsford, New York.

Some of my hobbies include running, doing yoga, painting and sketching, babysitting my nephews, spending time with friends and family, traveling, snowboarding, reading and learning about health and nutrition, and going out to eat.

Click here to check out my LinkedIn profile

Click here to view my resume