Leah Baratz – Aspiring Digital Marketer

Hello! My name is Leah and I am an MBA student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I was born and raised in Westchester, New York. I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Economics from the State University of New York, College at Oneonta.

After graduation, I hope to obtain a job within the digital marketing industry. During my undergraduate career I studied with a Marketing concentration, and at RIT, my concentration is in Digital Marketing. I’ve always found it fascinating how marketing communications can significantly affect consumers buying behaviors. Although most people find it creepy how personal user data is used to tailor their ads, I find it interesting! It’s crazy how accurate marketers get to predicting the products we want, and then how well they are at executing tailored ads to our preferences.

As a recent graduate, all of my experience comes from internships and part-time jobs. For three semesters, I was a social media intern at my college’s Alumni Association. I planned posts, wrote copy, produced content, and created marketing plans. Social media is certainly a crucial component in digital marketing, and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to get experience with it. My other internship was at the New York Small Business Development Center. I worked with local business owners to assist with starting or growing their businesses whether it be creating financial proformas, giving marketing advice, or helping them conduct research. The job was similar to what I’ll be doing in the future with a marketing agency, as each client was in business in different sectors.

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Sooa Chung Industrial Designer

About Me

Sooa Chung Industrial Designer

Hello! My name is Sooa Chung. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to America at age of 14. Currently, I am a 4th-year Industrial Design student with a minor in Marketing and immersion in Advertising and Public Relations at Rochester Institute of Technology. I would like to call myself a world traveler, although I have not been or never will be able to visit all the countries around the globe. However, it is one of my dreams to travel all the places that are on my bucket list, and the next ideal destination would be Spain. 

What is Industrial Design?

Many people have asked me what industrial design is, surprisingly, even at career fairs. So here it is: Industrial design is a discipline known for creating products and systems that optimize function, value, and appearance. It has thrived in recent years—as the value of industrial design in cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation efforts is recognized.

My Passion

Aside from industrial design, I am passionate about learning other fields of design outside of my major, such as UI/UX, graphic, furniture, packaging design to broaden up the spectrum of my knowledge in design. As I have a minor in marketing, I foresee to integrate marketing methodology into a design to enhance the understanding of users interacting with the product from the beginning. Through my work experience in the professional industry, I have proven my organizational skills and design communication skills as well as improving team working skills. I am always open to learn and take advantage of every situation that I am thrown into and make the best out of it.

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Sooa Chung’s Portfolio

Sooa Chung’s Resume

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Sundy He: Graduating New Media Marketing Student

Hello! My name is Sundy, and I’m a New Media Marketing student at RIT, preparing to graduate in May 2018.

My passion in new media marketing

Starting my college career undeclared allowed me to discover what I love to do. There is nothing better than being able to help someone, no matter how big or small. Marketing allows me to be creative in how I can help others find what they need. The digital world gives businesses more of a chance to learn about their consumers just as much as consumers can continue to learn about them. As a digital marketer, I strive to help businesses help their consumers through creation and curation.

I grew to love new media marketing even more as I gained more experience. I worked as an SEO Intern at LittleThings Inc, and helped manage social media for RIT’s Office of Career Services.

Find out more on Sundy He’s resume and connect with me on Sundy He’s LinkedIn profile.

More than just marketing

Aside from my passion for marketing, I love to create.Sundy He New Media Marketing student

I enjoy writing. I keep my own blog called A Grey Sunday, exploring my other passion for makeup and fashion. My Instagram @sundyheNY hosts a variety of makeup posts, with the occasional food photo because I also love food in (almost) any way, shape, or form.

I have also written for LittleThings.com, which also served to expand my skills in SEO writing. My most successful piece was about “coconut oil for acne scars,” which you can see on page 1 of the Google and Bing results! Check out my content on the Sundy He LittleThings author page.

I play around with web development here and there based on what I have learned through my coursework and in my spare time. You can see a sample of my work on Sundy’s RIT webpage.

My career goals

After graduation, I hope to continue working in SEO or social media, but I am always looking to learn more about digital marketing and advertising. I am willing to take risks and push myself to do more than I think I can do so I can become a better marketer than I was before. I want to help businesses grow, develop stronger relationships with customers, and bring more ideas to life.

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Christoph Grosse, Content Marketer

I’m Christoph.

Christoph Content Marketer







I like to:

  • generate left-of-center ideas.
  • promote authenticity.
  • curate social experiences.
  • create and maintain connections with others.



I am a content marketer and brand strategist graduating with a degree in Digital Marketing from Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2018. A balanced left and right-brain thinker, I am constantly testing, learning and optimizing, all while applying a refined creative edge.

As a content marketer, I am a proactive agent in the areas of search engine marketing, social media, branding, content strategy, and paid advertising, I consistently stay on top of trends in the world of content marketing with an intense personal interest in food and fashion culture.

I excel at writing compelling stories, employing empathy to understand audiences, and have a penchant for all things analytical. I am adept at leading, executing and tracking the performance of demand generation campaigns across various social platforms.


Hailing from Philly, I was raised by a kind, hardworking German father and a no-nonsense, but incredibly selfless, Chinese mother from who I’ve absorbed both a driven and empathic mindset.

My focus as a professional, and as a person, stems from my love of community. If I’ve learned anything throughout my college career and work experience, it’s that one must be relentless and in constant pursuit of improvement, all while continually learning and growing. In this vein, I’ve taken on freelance work as a content marketer, becoming ingrained in the surrounding community and extending what I’ve learned in the classroom into the real world.

As the Program Director for WITR 89.7, an FM radio station serving the greater Rochester area, I work alongside a team of multi-talented DJs and producers to bring lesser known music to the community.

WITR 89.7 Apple Picking
Just some radio kids apple picking.

Most recently, I’ve been assisting AVVINO, a local, high-end, contemporary restaurant with their marketing, web presence and social media, redesigning their website and converting web traffic into dinner reservations. This was a business I loved from the first water glass I filled, to the last table I wiped down. I feel fortunate that I can apply my knowledge as a digital marketer to positively impact the lives of everyone working there. 


To find work in a setting that promotes constant collaboration and open communication is a goal of mine. In a place like that, I can focus on growing and leading. I can work harder, better, and feel good about it. 

I am always on the lookout for additional freelance opportunities to help grow small businesses, individual brands, and everything in between.

I’m currently on the job hunt, searching for a full-time digital marketing position.

Reach out! Let’s chat.

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Much of this info and more can be found on my personal website:



  • Half Chinese, half German
  • Avid fashion enthusiast and sneakerhead
  • Second degree black belt in Taekwondo
  • Self proclaimed stir fry expert
  • Radio DJ on WITR 89.7
  • Will go the distance for a good bagel (If you’re in Rochester, don’t play yourself – make sure you stop by Balsam Bagels)

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Everything You Need to Know about the Google Panda Algorithm Update

As of January 2016, Google has officially introduced the Panda update to its SEO ranking algorithm. The Google Panda Algorithm Update assigns a quality score to websites that affects the page’s rank. This quality score is impacted negatively with the appearance of content duplication, plagiarism, keyword stuffing, and user generated spam. Google Panda essentially works to keep poor or spammed content out of Google’s list of top search results.

What can you do keep the Panda Algorithm Update happy?

Steer clear of site duplication and keyword stuffing. This can be easily maintained through regular site checks of your content using a site crawler. Obviously, don’t use plagiarized content on your site! If you can’t say it better yourself, be sure to give credit where credit is due, or better yet link the material through anchor tags. You can use a plagiarism checker to help monitor your content if in doubt. Original images and user reviews are a great way to add a unique touch to content (such as product descriptions) that may be hard to generate yourself.

You may have already been affected by Panda without knowing it

Google Panda has been utilized as an SEO quality score ranking filter since February 2011. Google has rolled out numerous Panda updates until officially becoming a core factor in its ranking algorithm now. This means, site content containing user generated spam, plagiarism, keyword stuffing, and duplication may have suffered quality score penalties for years. Luckily, each Panda update has allowed for site owners to update their content based on Google Panda’s quality standards. If the correct edits are made, you should notice your SEO rankings rising slowly over time. Because Panda is now part of the Google core algorithm, it’s important to maintain these standards in order to ensure a stable SEO ranking.

Google Panda is clearly working hard to reward unique site content, while penalizing site’s that don’t play by the rules. Algorithm updates like Google Panda allow Google to take control of SEO, with the use of their ever powerful quality scores.

8 Major Google Algorithms

Google Panda Update 

Google Panda Slowly Rolling Out After 10 Months


How to Optimize for Voice Search in 2018

Voice search is becoming more prevalent every day, learn how to optimize your site to get ahead

Optimization for voice searchVoice search optimization has been a trending topic among the SEO community throughout 2017 and is sure to continue into 2018. With mobile and home devices such as Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Home, and a growing list of others, the presence of smart assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Android assistant, Cortana, and Bixby are virtually always within shouting distance. ComScore estimates that by 2020, voice searches will make up 50% of all searches. Below we will cover the tactics used by marketers to optimize for voice search.

Long-Tail Keywords

Voice search is conversational by nature and is typically used for specific queries. By optimizing for more specific long-tail keywords and phrases, you increase your likelihood of being featured on the top of the search engine results page. For voice search, this is also known as “page zero” or otherwise called the featured snippet. When creating long-tail keywords, it is important to keep user intent in mind. The Hummingbird and Rankbrain updates emphasis on user intent have been further exasperated due to the rapid increase in voice searches. One tip to generate long-tail keywords that are both conversational and focused on intent is to record customer questions directed toward your customer service department.  receiving these queries and integrating them into your website using strategies below is a great way to be featured in voice searches.

Q&A Pages

A great way to further optimize your site for voice search is to create a question and answer page. Additionally, you can include an FAQ page. This provides a logical outlet to place long-tail keywords generated by customer service. If you provide a space for customers to post their questions, you will gain a user-generated source of conversational content. This has great potential to improve your results page positioning.  This also creates a great opportunity to generate snippets of content.  This will greatly increase the chances of being included in the “page zero” results for voice assistant direct answers.

Final Tips

Final tips for optimizing for voice search:

  • Update your businesses location on  Google
  • Add a schema to aid search engines understand context
  • Optimize your site for mobile devices.

By completing these final tips, along with providing long-tail keywords and Q&A pages, you will be in great shape when optimizing your site for voice search in 2018.

I am Vinny Alese?

Hi I’m Vinny Alese?
“If you know this picture is me, no need to read, just look at my stylish resume and perfect LinkedIn profile.” -Vinny Alese

If you don’t know me, kudos to you for clicking the link you adventurer you. Just this Spring I graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a B.S. in Business Administration. I decided to go on with school and enrolled in the RIT 4+1 MBA program. Meaning, if you click on the links (ResumeLinkedIn) I will pass my internet marketing class and graduate with my MBA in one year.

Originally from Long Island, I now live in Rochester just off Park Ave and commute to RIT and my part time job at REDCOM. I have absolutely no complaints about the area. There is always something to do or somewhere to go (if I’m not stuck at the kitchen table reading the third Harvard Business Review case of the day).

Grad Life

Speaking of cases, I never had to do a single one for undergrad. For my Geneseo friends, a case is pretty much what it sounds like- a nice long paper about a company that found itself in a bad situation. The cases typically end unresolved and we are tasked to use evidence from the case to determine the best course of action.

I have a love hate relationship with case studies. I love that they provide a real problem and an inside look at what was going on at a company. I also love that they make you find creative solutions and build up problem solving skills, but I hate that just about every class assigns two or three a week. There just isn’t enough daylight. Luckily, I figured out I only need about two hours of sleep, a 20 minute mid-day nap, and 24oz of coffee to function. I recommend researching alternative sleep cycles if you plan on going for your masters and work, I try to use a trimmed down version of the biphasic sleep cycle.

That’s it for now! Again, please check out my resume andLinkedIn page so I don’t fail! Also feel free to drop me a comment below on what you think about the resume and any suggestions you have.

Duck. Park Ave Fest







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Katelyn Clary – The Determined Creative


Aloha! My name is Katelyn Clary and I am a fourth year New Media Marketing major with a minor in Communication at RIT.  While I may not be from Hawaii, I definitely wish I was. I am actually from a small town called Oswego, New York which is nestled right on Lake Ontario.

I am currently a part time co-op student here at RIT planning and executing Imagine RIT. I do all of that while managing a full schedule of classes and running a blog and YouTube channel. You could say that I like to be busy.

There is nothing that I love more than being creative. My creativity takes the form of physical and digital lives whether it be Photoshop designs or handmade greeting cards. I hope to use all of my creative forces in the marketing industry as I take on a new full time position this summer for Annese and Associates. Get to know more about me by checking out my LinkedIn, resume, and blog!

Check out Katelyn Clary’s Resume

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Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Blogging Mistakes
Blogging Mistakes

How to improve a post search engine ranking to avoid blogging mistakes?

Common blogging mistakes made by a blogger are posting non-relevant content to keep users engaged. Bloggers can disengage users whey they don’t do enough research, write too quickly or don’t pay attention to detail when editing a blog. The key to writing a successful blog post is determined by consistency. The idea is to post regularly at least 2- 3 times a week. Another tool is taking the time to create a well-written content.

How useful is to improve a post search engine ranking to avoid blogging mistakes?

In order to improve a post’s search engine ranking, it is important to write content for your audience, not just a search engine. Moreover, being humorous and informative when writing a post could be helpful to avoid blogging mistakes. Also blogs that have a poorly optimized page could recieve penalties from Google. A page that is well optimized will perform better than pages that pay little or no attention to keywords.

How does the quality of an article help reduce blogging mistakes?

The quality of an article is key. The marketing needs to be relevant. Bloggers need to share posts by implementing strategies. Sharing content through social media platforms is a helpful strategy. This will help bloggers understand how many people viewed and liked their blog. Moreover, experimenting differnt post times during the day and trying different days of the week could also serve as a great tool. Another strategy would be to share relevant older articles for the end users.

Paying attention to formatting is important to capture the attention of the audience and avoid blogging mistakes. For example, bloggers could use headers and short paragraphs to break long text and graphics. This will help capture the end user’s attention.

This is a perfect blog 

Tidal Was a Good Idea at First

Never thought I would sign up for Tidal in a million years, but it finally happened.

I get that musicians want to be certain that their earning money for the music they produce and all but why does Tidal have to be so expensive? Maybe it’s just me and the other ten people I have talked to about this but $20 a month is too much for a subscription-based music service that doesn’t even have all the music you listen to.

Last week, Beyoncé shared Lemonade to Tidal subscribers early. After watching her HBO special, I couldn’t help but think that this is her best album yet. As an Apple Music subscriber, I was not willing to wait a couple months for Lemonade. I was too worried that Beyoncé was going to pull an Adele on us and never share her new album on Apple Music.

On top of all the other subscriptions you have each month, you have to think about which ones will stay and which ones will not. Well, there is no way I am going to rid of Netflix or HBO Now, especially now that Game of Thrones is back on. Although, I don’t use Photoshop frequently, Adobe has a ridiculous cancellation fee that I will never find myself cancelling anytime soon.

I signed up for the free trial and I have not listened to anything but her album so I will be cancelling my subscription before I get charged for the next month. I did listen to Life of Pablo, but it turns out that I am not a Kanye fan. I mean Kanye is alright, but his ego is too much for me. Why on earth does he have a song called “I love Kanye?”

Although the user interface is pretty cool, I’m going to have to say good-bye to Tidal for now. Personally, I would like to see it offer something else that other music subscriptions do not offer.


I Thought it was a Recipe for Disaster

Lauren, Me, and our honorary pets

For anyone who knows me, it’s no secret that I spend a lot of time with my Best Friend including weeks like Spring Break. Together, we have so much fun together, we’re always trying new things (even sometimes a new recipe), and we’re always learning and growing in our friendship. She’s the definition of “my person” (for all you Grey’s fans).

One thing most people don’t know about us is that she’s an awful cook and I’m a great cook. As part of our initiative to try new things, I’ve been teaching her how to cook by trying new recipes (okay, mostly desserts) and we’ve stumbled upon gems.

The first night of Spring Break, sitting in her kitchen, we were craving sweets. So we asked Momma L what to make which is when she pulls out her lightly used cookbook and says “You two should make this recipe, you’ll love them!” As I read the recipe, it seemed simple and we decided to make them. They’re melt-in-your-mouth amazing and it’s my new favorite dessert. Now, I’m passing it on to you all!


The Recipe

1 c. Corn Syrup
1 c. Sugar
1 ½ c. Peanut Butter
6 c. Crisped Rice Cereal
1 bag Chocolate Chips
1 bag Butterscotch Chips


  • Combine Corn Syrup and Sugar in a sauce pan. Stir until thoroughly combined and bring to a boil. Next, add peanut butter and stir until melted.
  • Start stirring in the crisped rice cereal 1 cup at a time coating completely. Keep doing this until all 6 cups are added.
  • Add the contents of the pan to a previously greased pan and level out. Pour in each bag of chips to the same sauce pan and stir until melted. Pour this mixture on top of the rice krispies and let sit 4 hours.

Yik Yak Reviews : Find Your Herds !

Yik Yak


Welcome to our Yik Yak review session!

This app is one of the most popular gossip-sharing college apps there is right now. Yik Yak is considered a local bulletin board, setting up using your own zip code that helps people connect and discover their local community. It is big in schools with over 250 universities around the U.S and millions of monthly active users. So what’s with the hype?

Yik Yak is way to get your daily news and updates from people live near you: it’s local!

As the app targets college campuses trying to make it a go-to source for students for news, gossip and especially to create an environment where people can feel free to crack jokes, give shout-outs and share experience.

There’s no user ID, no nicknames, no email registration: everything is anonymous!

It’s typical to find yaks that wouldn’t have been posted otherwise without anonymity. Now let’s not think about some gut-wrenching, terrible and racist stuffs! Yik Yak has done their homework and proceeded to ban any yaks mentioning names immediately from their system. In addition, this app is no longer available to high school and middle school students due to some unfortunate bullying incidents that occurred.

Checking out other herds: you can see what’s being posted from other locations!

Yik Yak has a feature called “Peek” that allows users to see posts from other locations. This is one of the key features that differentiate the app from its current social media “enemies” like Facebook, Twitter, Whisper and more. So if you are a parent worrying about what’s happening at your sons and daughters’ college, use Yik Yak to your advantage!

There are, however, certain criticism remains about Yik Yak enabling college cyber bullying and harassment. The co-founders, Brooks Buffington has made official statements regarding its Term of Services, stating that it is not what the app stands for. Despite such negative headlines, Yik Yak is still considered a “radio station”, allowing users to tune into the comment streams with funding round valued at between $300 million and $400 million this year.