Eric Gaspar Social Media Marketer

My name is Eric Gaspar.

Eric Gaspar

I specialize is in social media marketing and advertising which includes hands on experience with both traditional, new media marketing and analytics. I’m a 4th year New Media Marketing Major with extra courses in Film Studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Social Media Marketing Work Experience

I have experience in business planning, marketing strategizing, and providing advertising support. Furthermore, my skill set includes blogging, social media, creating ads, evaluating websites and developing strategic plans for improvement based on analytics.

Additionally, this past fall I had the opportunity to co-op with Ciredon Environmental and Safety Services, Inc. During my co-op, I met with the firm’s management team to discuss their goals and objectives. The purpose was to assess their existing business plan and marketing strategy. Upon the completion of my review, I presented the results of my analysis to the top management which showed that the firm’s strategy was exclusively focused on the use of traditional marketing methods.  As a result, I developed a marketing strategy that incorporated new media strategies. Furthermore, I recommended the firm  establish a LinkedIn profile and also improved their website. Additionally, I recommended that Ciredon develop their own safety films, blogs, podcasts and video games for training purposes. During this co-op, I demonstrated my ability to implement the skills that I have developed during my college course work.

About Me

I’m from Hamburg, NY which is a suburb of Buffalo, NY . I’m very passionate about music, film and video games. I write a blog called “The Metalizer” which covers Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. On my blog I’ve written about albums, bands and other articles. My additional coursework at R.I.T. concentrated on Film Studies which enabled me to gain a better understanding of the film industry and effective marketing strategies in the US and abroad. Ever since I was young child, I’ve been fascinated with video games because of their competitive and strategic nature. I also enjoyed working with other players on a team in order to achieve goals and objectives. The skills and knowledge that I have learned in music, film and video games have helped me apply them to my work in new media marketing.

In conclusion, I would love to have a career that combines my passions and skills.

Resume – Eric

LinkedIn – Eric

Twitter – Eric

The Metalizer


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Blerta Imeri


My name is Blerta Imeri. I am studying Business Marketing and Business Management with an immersion in Advertising at Rochester Institute of Technology. I will be graduating with a Bachelors Degree in May of 2018.

About Me

I am a first generation from Kosovo. I came to America at the age of four and have resided in Syracuse, NY my whole life. I love the sport Lacrosse and I enjoy reading! I have been working as a sales adviser at Delta Sonic Car Wash for five years now. With my experience at Delta Sonic I have fallen in love with sales. I am an outgoing individual who loves to meet new people and enjoy some competition. My most notable skills are being organized and am great at communicating with many different types of people.

Work Experience

Over the summer of 17′ I worked with a company called Around Campus Group. They are an advertising college company that focuses on helping local business target to local college students. As an intern I attended a ten day long training program in North Carolina where I was awarded the MVP of my New York team. I was placed within the Cornell University community to sell print and digital advertising. Towards the end of the three month long internship as the sales team leader I took place number one for the New York region and number four out of the country for sales.

My experience this past summer has taught me many things about myself that I was not aware of. Such as the level of my commitment and hard work that I invested in order to place within the top five. It was a learning experience that I am very grateful for.

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Connect – Blerta’s Resume Review

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Kysa – Social Media Specialist

All About Kysa

Portrait of Kysa W
Kysa Willemsen – New Media Marketing

From a small town in Ontario, Canada named Forest, Kysa Willemsen is in her fourth year at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She is studying new media marketing with a minor in advertising and public relations. She will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in May of 2018.

Life as a Student Athlete

During Kysa’s first semester at RIT she decided to try a new sport. That is when she became a member of the RIT crew team. Since joining she has been a rower and coxswain for both the women’s and men’s teams. Practices at 6AM each morning have helped her stay on top of her studies. Even finding ways to prioritize time management when she is travelling for races. Balancing school, sports, work and a social life has proven to be difficult but she wouldn’t want to change this experience for the world. Overall, being a student athlete has taught Kysa control, motivation and flexibility.

Studying Abroad

Kysa at Big Ben
Kysa Abroad in London, England

In the spring of her third year at RIT Kysa studied in London, England at the London South Bank University. She embraced opportunities to travel and learn from cultures all around Europe. Her favourite was to enjoy locations that were off the beaten path rather than tourist-targeted locations. Unlike the American school system, academics in England were set up differently. Each course was weighted mostly on one exam or paper therefore it highlighted the fact that second-chances aren’t always available.

In the “Real World”

Since 2014 Kysa has gained experience with Sunripe Freshmarket. She helped introduce social media and online communications into the company’s marketing. In December of 2014 she ran the company’s first online promotion. This was for a buy 1 get 1 free event they hold yearly. This event was only advertised with traditional marketing platforms prior to that year. During the event that December Sunripe saw a large increase in year over year sales at a fraction of their previous marketing costs. Today, Kysa continues to manage all of Sunripe’s online communications through Facebook, Instagram, website and email. This includes promoting products and events, answering consumer questions, creating content and more. All from anywhere in the world.

More: view her portfolio website, connect with her on LinkedIn and view her resume.

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Increasing productivity with Excel

A major problem for people trying to get work done is staying productive. Businesses use analytics to function efficiently, but individuals never seem to use them. Why not make your own metrics on Excel to keep track of your life and increase motivation? I find myself getting excited when an item can be removed from a to-do list. Now, you can not only watch the list get smaller, but you can see how many items you are completing per week, how far along you are on big projects, and so much more! The best part about using Excel to track your own work efficiency is to be able to choose the metrics that work best with your life, and watch your productivity soar.

Step 1: Prioritize your goals

Don’t waste time stressing out over to-do items that you don’t really have time for anyway. Prioritize the tasks that are the most important to your goals, and make sure your goals align with your values. Is your top priority to find a new job? Then make sure to assign that as your number one goal.

Step 2: Turn high priorities into metrics

Identify your own meaningful metrics. What numbers would give you the information needed to see how far you are from your goals? If you are trying to find a job, your related values could be number of jobs applied to, or hours of networking completed. Common items to track for any goal would be projects due per week, hours already spent per project, number of times a task was completed, or anything else you would like to do.

Step 3: Get productive!

After the formulas are in place, compete against yourself to achieve top results. If you completed 5 tasks of a certain type last week, try and finish 6 the next week. Setting goals and going past them is the core of productivity. And remember to reward yourself when you achieve those goals J

Maintaining productivity:

Setting aside time regularly to maintain the guide will give you back time in the end, through increased focus during projects. If you spend more time on productivity, you can be more productive! But don’t procrastinate by over-engineering your Excel file. Keep it simple, but functional; motivate yourself in the best way possible.


This was merely an overview of this process! If you would like help using Excel to maximize your life productivity, reach out to me, and I can give tips and tricks, including specifics for your experience:

Caitlin Murphy,

Miracle Workout- Get Fit, and Enjoy It!

Acroyoga – a miracle workout that doesn’t feel like work!

Woah, you heard me right! There could actually be something fun, social and exciting enough to capture your attention? Check out some acroyogis below:

Does this look fun to you? You can learn this, sooner than you imagine!



Photocredit: Yoga Belly Studio

Introduction to Acroyoga

For those that don’t know, acroyoga is partner yoga imbued with some acrobatic-style movements. Two or three people are typically involved: the base, the flyer, and a spotter. The base’s job is to support the flyer off the ground and guide them through different poses. The flyer assists the base by maintaining and transitioning through stable body positions. Lastly, if needed, the spotter acts as a kind of safety net to prevent the flyer from taking nasty falls onto their head. The spotter may also help to balance the transitions between poses and offer cues to correct base/flyer positions.

Acroyoga connects you to your body and to your partner, in a way that is fun. This is not as hard as it looks! Acroyoga can be enjoyed by many people, with interest in bettering yourself, trust in your partner, and a little bit of effort.

Base’s Perspective

My name is John and I’ve been doing acroyoga, on and off, for about six months now. I enjoy acroyoga because it promotes communication and trust between me and others that I’ve potentially never met before. Sometimes I’ll nervously find myself in a room full of strangers that I’m forced to communicate with, but I don’t mean that in a negative way. If communicating with somebody that I’ve met before means they’re not going to fall on me, then I’ll talk with strangers all day. At some point, communication becomes a basic need because of the inherent risks involved with the activity. When I base I don’t want people falling on me, and when I fly I don’t want to be thrown to the ground. Since everyone has slightly different bodies and are at different skill levels, it’s essential to talk and play around with one another to develop trust and understanding. By fostering trust and understanding, everything that’s done becomes less risky.

Since starting, I’ve learned to look past a lot of the differences I’ve perceived in strangers once I’ve worked with them. Looking past those differences has allowed me to help and be helped by others to the point of creating new friendships. Maybe I just sound like another millennial hippy but I think there’s a lot to be learned from acroyoga about community, communication, teamwork, and building a better, brighter future with and for one another.

Flyer’s Perspective

My name is Caitlin (pictured above, with John) and I have been doing acroyoga for 6 months. Acroyoga quickly became an activity that I love, because it doesn’t feel like I’m exercising (although it definitely is!). Throughout my lifetime, I have tried nearly every form of exercise imaginable, and nothing has ever stuck; zumba, yoga, lacrosse, parkour. I may just be lazy and love my couch a little too much, but being able to be with my partner makes working out worth it. I was never a very active person, and rarely feel connected to my body. Acroyoga allows me to practice my “kinesthetic awareness,” to know how my body moves and feels in certain positions.

Acroyoga has also been a great way to connect with my partner. It’s something that requires trust and respect in the other person, as well as a ton of communication. John and I recently went to an event and worked with a couple who had been married for 30 years. They began fighting during the session, because they were not listening to each other about a shoulderstand they were trying. After a quick cool down, they talked through the move, then tried it and stuck the move immediately. Acroyoga may spark some fights, but with practice, communication and trust among partners is enhanced.

Getting Started in Acro

There are many ways to get involved in the Acro community! If you are in Rochester, you can try taking classes at Aerial Arts. Most cities will have a studio teaching courses in acroyoga! There are also Facebook communities where acroyogis meet up and practice together. If you’re a little shy, try moves on your own by searching for beginner poses on YouTube. However you want to get involved, do it!

About Me

My name is Caitlin, and I’m an MBA student with a concentration in Product Commercialization. I’m graduating in May and am looking to begin my career in the food/beverage industry, of which I’m super passionate for.

My hobbies are quite diverse: experimental cooking, acroyoga, VR stuff, Magic: the Gathering, board games, EDM, personal finance and spending time with friends! If we share any interests, I’d love to hear more about you!

Check out Caitlin’s resume!

Here’s Caitlin’s LinkedIn!

The Trends of the Competitive Super Smash Bros Community

The competitive Super Smash Bros community is an enigma compared to every other professional video game community. Most communities are focused around one game, like League of Legends, or move on to the next sequel, like the Street Fighter series, the Super Smash Bros community is divided. Each sequel that comes has divided the community. Sometimes leading to nasty online interaction between the communities. Super Smash Bros has had 3 different games that have been played competitively: Melee, Brawl, and Super Smash Bros 4. A big tension between the communities is which of the games show up at the tournament EVO. The game that has lasted the longest is Melee, with many Melee players being adamant about it being the best and the other games aren’t as good. Brawl was not well received by many people, iCompetitive Super Smash Brosn fact there was fan made version of the game known as Project M where it was modified to be more similar to Melee. People hoped that Super Smash Bros 4 would be more like Melee, with fast movement and similar combat mechanics. Some Melee players, and many Brawl players moved on to Super Smash Bros 4. Many Melee players did not move on, having the same opinion as before. The creator of the series actually hated that Melee fans made the game so competitive. He wanted the Super Smash Bros series to be a casual party game instead of a hardcore competitive fighting game. In fact many of the changes between Melee and Brawl were made to make it more casual. With the attitude of the fans of each of the games, it seems like the Super Smash Bros community as a whole will never be united.

By Owen Whalen

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