How to create that PERFECT resume to land you that PERFECT job!

Hey there! My name is Amogh Jeerige, and I appreciate your  co-operation for coming to this page to know more about the social experiment I am conducting for a class to create that perfect coded resume (Amogh-sample). You can also view my Instagram page here.

I have uploaded the link to my resume and you can also do the same or use other such templates which are open source and free on Share latex. I have attached the source code (Amogh) which you guys can download and use to modify and create your personalized coded resume. You need to edit the parts/fields you wish to change based on your requirements (It is totally flexible and customizable).

Check my LinkedIn profile

Check my Instagram page

Check my resume (Amogh-sample) (which is attractive)

The source code Amogh Sample source code (Share latex) where you can do it.

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11 thoughts on “How to create that PERFECT resume to land you that PERFECT job!”

  1. Resume needs to be updated.
    LinkedIn profile.
    – don’t use Database Admin..please use some new age tech terms like Data Scientist
    – showcase specific achievements in each role.. e.g improved throughput of factory
    – in your profile, create using terms which catch attention

    There is enough content on web on creating linked in profile

    Instagram – I will now follow

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