Abdulrahman Almuajel-Marketing and Digital Marketing MBA

Hello!! My name is Abdulrahman Almuajel. I am from Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, and currently pursuing a master’s degree in business administration, concentrating in Marketing. I work as a Teaching Assistant at Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia.

me and my COUNTRY

You may have heard a lot about Saudi through the news, but whatever it was, Saudi is a lovely country😊. The country is going via many changes in order to replace the dependency on oil to have multi-sources. Hence, they launched a new project called “2030 Vision”. This vision focuses on various aspects, such as entertainment, housing programs, life quality, health, internal and external investments, and education. You might be wondering why I am writing about my country, the reason is that as a part of the society, I want to contribute to this vision positively and as a “Teaching Assistant” education is the appropriate field. Therefore, to be a part of this development, I have come to RIT to enhance my knowledge and gain new experience. I will be graduating in May 2020; however, the master’s will not be the last stage because I am also aspiring to continue my studying and obtain a PhD.

My philosophy and dreams

I strongly advocate the concept that education is the core development for any individual, organization, and even country. This belief was the inspiration of being a Teaching Assistant and then starting the journey at RIT as an essential step to my goal, the PhD.
Nevertheless, the PhD will not be the last stage in my relationship with education as my dream is to be a professor at the university. I love learning and helping people, and being a teacher is the ideal way to learn and help. Also, having a combination of academic knowledge and practical experience is what leads to an active professor. Therefore, I also seek opportunities where I could gain some insights from real-life examples so that I can be a consultant besides being a professor.


After graduating, I worked at Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (the central bank) as Performance & Compensations Evaluation Researcher. I was a part of the human resource department, particularly performance management. It was a unique experience, but I did not feel that the place is where I belong. Then I obtained the chance to work in the education field at Prince Sattam University, which was the begging of my dream. I have taught a course about how to write administrative reports and overseen undergraduates during their internships. It just felt right! I enjoyed the teaching experience, and then I was finally able to study abroad where I am now. I hope to continue this educational journey and then go back home where I can share and pass on what I learned and observed.

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