5 Reasons Geoff Wilson is the Best New Marketing Pro Your Company Needs in 2019!

Who is Geoff Wilson?

First off, he’s the author of this blog post, so he’s going to write the rest of it in first-person. Hi! My name is Geoff, and as of this writing I’m a second-year MBA student at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Saunders College of Business. (An AASCB accredited school.) My concentration is in marketing, and I’m graduating in May 2019. I grew up in Rochester, NY, and was involved in Boy Scouts (including my Eagle Scout Award) and swim team, then I went on to get my undergrad degree in Political Science at RIT. Why am I a great addition to any company’s marketing team? Read on to find out!

1. I know sales.

And sales are the most direct, personal, and high-stakes form of marketing. My sales experience dates back to my time selling popcorn door-to-door as a Cub Scout when I was seven years old, and my professional sales experience began in 2015, when I was hired as a financial services representative. For two years, I worked for Foresters Financial to secure the retirements and incomes of business owners, families, teachers, retirees, and more. I wore a suit every day, I called and spoke to dozens if not hundreds of people a week, I knew my products, and I got to know my clients well, some of whom are still friends of mine today. 

I’m just as comfortable having a deep conversation with a client about their history, goals, and fears, as I am standing in front of a room of 150+ people to explain exactly how municipal bond funds can save them tens of thousands of dollars in taxes over the next few decades. 

Bottom line: I know how to deeply understand the value of products and services, and convey those to a client to make a sale.

2. I can lead, and follow.

I’m earning my MBA as an Army ROTC Cadet, and when I graduate, I’ll be serving part-time in the Army Reserve as an Officer. During my time in ROTC, I’ve planned and led workouts, marches, field training exercises, and tactical missions for elements ranging from 4 to 40 fellow Cadets. I’ve confidently delivered many briefings and lessons on military tactics and history.

I’ve learned and applied the US Army’s approach to the science and art of leadership, both in the classroom and in the field, such as at Fort Knox, KY, where I completed 30 days of ROTC’s Cadet Advanced Camp over the summer of 2018. That camp included 20 days in the field, simulating a tactical environment, with all of us Cadets rotating through different leadership roles and being keenly evaluated by ROTC cadre. I know how and when to take charge, delegate, listen, improvise, and make decisions under pressure. 

3. I read a lot.

I typically read one fiction and one non-fiction book at a time. Currently, I’mon The Complete Works of H.G. Wells, and Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I read the Wall Street Journal nearly every day (about 95% of days) and I’m usually listening to an Audiobook when I’m driving. I just finished The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway, I have to decide what to get next on my Audible subscription. 

I love thinking and discussing what I read, and I occasionally write about it on my blog at authorgrwilson.com. I think reading is a great way to open my mind to new perspectives. A few of my favorite authors are Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and Michael Shaara.

4. I have diverse interests

That is to say, I have more going on than just business marketing, and I think that makes me better at the actual practice of marketing.

I play blues harmonica, I write horror fiction, I enjoy learning languages on DuoLingo and YouTube, (French is easily my best foreign language but I like to dabble in a few others,) I’m a photographer, and I’m a craft beer enthusiast and amateur brewer with my dad. I raised a “colony” of praying mantises a couple years back, and plan to try more arthropod-keeping in Spring 2019. 

I rode on the RIT Equestrian Team in my undergrad years. I love hiking, especially on Adirondack mountains. I’m a very enthusiastic amateur weightlifter; I love the gym. I play DnD and board games a lot with several friend groups. And I enjoy learning about other people’s hobbies, professions, and interests. There’s so much out there to learn about!

I’m active in networking through organizations such as Network After Work and Rochester Young Professionals, and I love meeting people, sharing ideas, and connecting people with each other.

5. I’m already practicing marketing right now!

I do amateur content-writing, Twitter-management, and Google Ads through UpWork.com. I recently launched the first, basic version of my own e-commerce site, blackpeaktactical.com (selling camping, hiking, and tactical gear and clothes,) and am steadily working on massively improving and expanding that site and launching its online ad campaigns. I’ve done model photography for women’s fashion brand ModishBoss (one of my social media clients from UpWork) to build their brand awareness.

I’m Google Ads certified and continuing to build my knowledge with that system. I’m learning SalesForce on my own time. I’m learning Lean SixSigma (yellowbelt level) in a class. I have Facebook ads on my list of systems to learn on my own time too. (I’ve used it a bit for advertising my books.) 

In Conclusion…

I’m confident I can do great things in the marketing department of nearly any company. I’m most interested in technology or auto companies, and also wine, spirits, and beer companies, plus ones involved in events and entertainment. 


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