Soki Membere-Otaji


Hello, My name is Soki Membere-Otaji. I’m currently an MBA student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur with interests in the Financial Markets .


My interest in the Financial Markets came about in my sophomore year of my undergraduate studies. At the time I was a mechanical engineering student, but deep down inside I didn’t see my self graduating with this degree. I came across a YouTube video in which Will Smith talked about a book called Rich Dad, poor dad; and how the book  helped him to make better financial decisions.  This video resonated with me  because, when I was a kid my dad  gave me a lot of business books to read, and Rich dad poor dad was one of them.

Later on I came across a book called Security analysis. It was at that moment  my interest in the financial markets was kindled. I read a lot of books about the financial markets, and about people that were successful in the industry like Warren Buffet and George Soros.



In the spring semester of my sophomore year, I changed my major to Economics; and a few months after that I started trading stocks.  After graduating from the University of Houston, I  worked at a Stock broker firm in New York City. I got first hand experience on how to contact potential clients for the purpose of investing; and also witnessed the process of how capital was raised for companies that were  about to be listed  on the NYSE and NASDAQ. I also worked at an Investment Bank in Lagos, Nigeria. Working in an investment bank gave me deeper insight on how companies  raised capital.


Present & Future

I’m currently doing an MBA with a concentration in finance, and one day I hope to own an investment company. Investing in financial instruments such as : Stocks, bonds, Real Estate, Private Equity and Venture Capital; by the grace of God.




A Southern Wyomingite

Hi Everyone, my name is Chance Wright. I am a Digital Marketing Concentration MBA Graduate student at RIT graduating in May 2019. I did my Undergraduate degree which is a BFA in Advertising Photography at RIT as well.
I am originally from a small town called BigHorn, Wyoming. I lived there until high school where I left for a boarding school in New Hampshire called Holderness School. During this time I also moved to Northern Virginia. At Holderness, I found RIT and came for the photography program, and I have been here ever since. 
In conjunction to school, I am also the Vice President and Co-Founder of a Non-Profit called The Shore Foundation. I have an active photography business, specializing in landscape, architecture, and nature photography. I started my own company, ATL/WYO Productions, which is a film and television production company, which I plan to run after graduation in LA. Lastly, I am a New York State firefighter in the town of Chili, NY. 


We are a certified 501(c)(3) Non-Profit in New York State. Our mission is to provide computers into the hands of those in need. Founded between myself and my roommates in the Spring of 2018, we have successfully given away ~20 computers to high school age students who were unable to purchase them themselves. We plan to attempt to set the Guinness World Record for most computers donated in 24 hours, with a mass donation event where we will give away somewhere around 500 computers. I encourage you to visit our website and learn more about the cause, as well as ways in which you can help. 

In my little free time that I do get, I do have a few hobbies which I love to do. I am a recreational skydiver and speed flyer. I skydive out west of Rochester near a town called Barre, NY. Speedflying, which is similar to paragliding is practiced in mountainous areas with steep slopes and little trees.
Professional Speedflying Video example.

Katherine Ray


Hello! My name is Katherine Ray and I am pursuing my master’s degree on Communications and Media Technologies at RIT. I will be graduating from the College Of Liberal Arts in May 2019.


About me

I came to RIT with a scholarship to study Communications and Media Technologies. I am a beauty  influencer and I have a YouTube channel and social media accounts where I share with the world everything beauty related from how to take care of your natural curly hair, to tips, tricks and reviews of makeup, skincare and hair products. This is so I can empower others to accept their roots and embrace them, and feel comfortable in their own skin, without neglecting the fact that most of us like to play around with makeup to change things up from time to time (and that’s perfectly ok).

Deva Curl sponsorship

I have learned how to create media content that goes accordingly with the main goal of my channel and social media, and I am learning the strategies of planning ahead all the content posted.

I have worked as an influencer with brands like Sugar Bear Hair and Duvolle, trying out their products and creating content for them (reviews, posts, videos, etc.). It has been very interesting to see what they want and what are their ideas for content to attract more customers.

Sugar Bear Hair Sponsorship

Even though the majority of work experiences I have had so far has been in corporate banking, it has helped me build the discipline I have today for what I am passionate about, and have helped me plan ahead and foresee the different possible scenarios.

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Corinna Capron – Market Research Aspirer

Hi everyone! It’s me, Corinna. In May of 2018 I graduated from SUNY Geneseo, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a minor in Mathematics. Currently, I am a graduate student at RIT, pursuing my MBA with a concentration in Digital Marketing.  I’ll be graduating in August of 2019. I have dreams of going into Market Research. I am experienced. I am driven. I am a Leader. 

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I am Experienced.

Through interning at Wegmans in their consumer research department, I gained valuable insight about decision-making on the client-side of marketing consumer products. I developed understanding of reaching the customers’ needs and creating value that is relevant to them.

The KJT Group provided me with an excellent internship experience, where I worked in a team to research various healthcare markets and provide insight to clients. I learned new skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods and helped to ensure accuracy throughout all steps of the research process.

I am Driven.

Could I have received my undergraduate degree and immediately enter the workforce? Yes. Did I choose to do that? Nope. I am pursuing my MBA and Rochester Institute of Technology in the Saunders School of Business, which is AACSB Accredited. Through this reputable university I hope to utilize my new learnings in the career path I will begin upon graduating. I chose to stay focused and grow my education before beginning my career journey.

I am a Leader.

Experience on the Leadership Team of the International Sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon has given me the experience to coordinate teams and contribute to solving problems that face an organization overall. I was the Vice President of Programming, coordinating various community service and philanthropy events and working with the leadership team to make organization-wide decisions.  

So What?

I want to work in Market Research. This is for two important reasons:

  1. I am a natural when it comes to numbers. Math has always been my favorite subject, so much so that I made it a minor in my undergraduate program. Quantitative studies are satisfying to me, in that you can make realistic, applicable determinations based on numbers and data about consumers. I find that awesome. I hate uncertainty and market research helps bridge that gap.
  2. I am naturally nosey. I always want to know what is going on in other people’s heads, and I think that is necessary in this field. You need to want to understand what the people want, and research helps to do just that. What do the customers want? And why? I am determined to find out.

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments you have!

Jatin Vichare

Know me-

I am a graduate student at RIT, NY pursuing Communications and Media degree. Five years back I was not even considering to be in the media industry or get a degree in such field as I was busy struggling to understand my engineering books. While I was doing my bachelors in electronics engineering (which I still don’t know how I completed) I also used to get involved in my dad’s business of PR and Media. Living in the city of Bollywood, which is Mumbai then called Bombay (India), I had a very keen interest in movies and following the trends and news happening in the entertainment industry. Being indulged in this as well as the family business of PR and Media consultancy, I developed a thought of following the path that I was interested in, which was to get in the media and entertainment industry. Having seen and done lots of events, campaigns, public relations etc. for the media and entertainment industry back at home, I thought of pursuing a master’s degree in this subject of mass media communications after doing my bachelors in engineering. It was kind of late for me to realize that engineering was not my cup of tea but as they say, “it’s never too late”. I am proud to have completed my bachelor’s in engineering though. So, after all that educational background drama in my non-film life, here I am, learning communications and marketing to work towards my goals in the media and entertainment industry.

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Just like everyone, I have my own set of interests. I have enjoyed playing soccer for many years and my favorite players have been David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. I support Manchester United and Real Madrid. Apart from my favorite sport, I like watching movies. My favorite genre is action/thriller and horror. I love to know and explore spooky/haunted things and places. Being in the United States, Halloween month has become a very interesting part of the year for me. I only listen to music genres of metal, hard rock, post-hardcore. With such a music genre, it is very difficult to find people with similar music taste. I like going to metal gigs and concerts and Bullet For My Valentine has been the most special as well as a favorite band for me.

Oluwatosin Arowosola

Digital Brand Manager

Hey guys! My name is Oluwatosin Arowosola. Too long, but you can call me Tosin (toe-sin). I have a BSc in Mass Communication from University of Lagos, Nigeria and currently a graduate student at RIT studying communications and media technology.

Let me take you on a journey about my passion…

I have a great interest in investigating brand communication, consumer engagement/behavior, digital media, and marketing/ advertisement. As an international student, I strive to look for opportunities that enable me acquire experiences in industries that are related to my field.

A philosophy I live by is

“Always know what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and most importantly to whom it should be said”.

Some Experiences

One of my most memorable experiences was an interview with Erin Foster, former director of marketing communications, Eastman Kodak. This was an opportunity for me to tap into her experience and expertise to learn about some real challenges, and how it was tackled. Watch here.

The Empty Hanger TV: An engaging multimedia project, that shows how and why clothes matter. Working on this project, helped me learn so much about the American market and also to see the difference, if any, in how digital marketing works or how it affects the target audience. I was able to see how a new business can use the new media to get a head start in the market. My research was focused on; management research tools, social platform scheduling, content type per platform and so on.

My most recent experience comes from Children Awaiting Parent (CAP). A non-profit organization, dedicated to finding adoptive families for waiting children. Every brand wants to have that online presence. My major role at CAP as a brand manager was to revamp the online presence, by creating campaigns that help to increase the brand’s identity. Some of the things I did included, but weren’t limited to, marketing campaigns, implementation plan, content creation, graphic design, website management and social media management.

The most interesting aspect of my role at CAP was the graphics design aspect. It was a challenge, but an exciting one which I am proud of myself for taking on. See, I had little to no idea on graphics design, but I basically taught myself how to use the available design software as it was a necessary tool to help me produce amazing results in my role as a brand manager.

I’m eager to continue learning and positioning myself in industries I can add value to.

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Meet Eva Skovli

Hey there, thanks for stopping by.

Featured image

My name is Eva Skovli, and I am currently an international graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology, coming all way from Norway. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Creativity, Innovation and Business Development. Currently, I am studying marketing and communications, graduating May 2019 with a master of science degree.  My goal is to work with digital marketing, social media, and content creation. I am also planning to take a certificate in Digital Marketing.

Outside the classroom I also run a lifestyle blog writing about college, green living, productivity hacks accessibility, and products I love.  Here is a favorite blog post I wrote, “10 best apps for deaf and hard of hearing people”.  I also speak four different languages, and I love drinking coffee as much as I love learning new things and to solve problems. I am also always updated on the latest technology and social media. Accessibility is a big passion of mine, always try to look for different ways to bridge communication between the deaf and hearing world through technology.

I was initially attracted to the field of entrepreneurship, marketing, and communications because I find it to be very dynamic and creativity based. I was first exposed to the marketing when I started up an online-novelty store called Kipekee with a friend, a store with unique practical and well-designed products and gifts for the home. Here is an interview where I share my journey.  We sold Kipekee in 2013 because we were ready for new challenges.

In the future, I want to do so many things, but I aim to work with digital marketing, social media, and content creation. I also want to become a social entrepreneur, working with various projects benefitting local communities and the world. 😃

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Meet Dmitry Liapitch

Dmitry Liapitch started his academic career at Wells College where he focused on Production Cinematography, but soon changed his major to Physics when he realized he was more interested in how the camera worked and wanted to understand what light was. This naturally sparked an interest in him to learn about solar energy which led him to develop a passion for Sustainability. On Earth Day his senior year, he built a boat out of recycled bottles and sailed on it to show the amount of plastic bottles that an average student uses in a year while in college.

Wells College Recycled Bottle Boat Video :

After graduating from Wells College in 2010, Dmitry came to the Rochester Institute of Technology to pursue a Masters in Sustainable Engineering as well as a Masters of Science in Sustainable Systems from the Golisano Institute for Sustainability, which he received in 2017. That same year he applied to the Tiger Tank competition and won a full scholarship to the MBA program at the Saunders College of Business for an indoor photovoltaic solution; ‘AmbientPV’.

Recent Presentation on AmbientPV (TEDx):

As his adventures at RIT continue, Dmitry hopes to develop his network by collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and the extended RIT community to develop sustainable solutions. He hopes to continue to learn about ways to help build a more sustainable future for all by balancing the social, environmental, and financial components of the Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability.

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Test post by Raj

Dr Raj S Murthy is the J.Warren McClure Research Professor in Marketing. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Specialization – Marketing), a Masters in Business Administration (Management of Information Systems) and a Bachelors in Engineering. An active business consultant, his research is tied strongly to his experience and his teaching interests in the domain of quantitative analytics, research methods and branding. His primary area of interest is in the design and execution of data driven consumer engagement strategies.

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Leah Baratz – Aspiring Digital Marketer

Hello! My name is Leah and I am an MBA student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I was born and raised in Westchester, New York. I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Economics from the State University of New York, College at Oneonta.

After graduation, I hope to obtain a job within the digital marketing industry. During my undergraduate career I studied with a Marketing concentration, and at RIT, my concentration is in Digital Marketing. I’ve always found it fascinating how marketing communications can significantly affect consumers buying behaviors. Although most people find it creepy how personal user data is used to tailor their ads, I find it interesting! It’s crazy how accurate marketers get to predicting the products we want, and then how well they are at executing tailored ads to our preferences.

As a recent graduate, all of my experience comes from internships and part-time jobs. For three semesters, I was a social media intern at my college’s Alumni Association. I planned posts, wrote copy, produced content, and created marketing plans. Social media is certainly a crucial component in digital marketing, and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to get experience with it. My other internship was at the New York Small Business Development Center. I worked with local business owners to assist with starting or growing their businesses whether it be creating financial proformas, giving marketing advice, or helping them conduct research. The job was similar to what I’ll be doing in the future with a marketing agency, as each client was in business in different sectors.

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Entrepreneur in Rochester-Tian Tian

Hello! My name is Tian Tian. I’m currently pursuing my master degree in Entrepreneur and Innovation. I’m graduate outfitted with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and public relations at RIT.

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My Entrepreneur experience

Constant learning has been my passion. It has been observed that the business world has become complex because of the emergence of different types of technologies and devices. Although, currently, I am one of the owner of local business “Tai Chi Bubble Tea” and things are running also smoothly, yet it is essential that the pace of change can only be understood through updating one’s academic and business knowledge as well. Additionally, this intention to learn new knowledge has led to choose the university program so as to use the latest academic knowledge for improving the performance of my business.

Knowledge without application is unproductive. In my previous academic career, I always actively participated in all those programs and events which were designed to improve one’s theoretical knowledge through the prism of the actual business world situations.

Learning is highly essential for successfully running a business. It has been observed that updating one’s business knowledge is pivotal to learn and understand the different methods for improving one’s business performance. Additionally, application of knowledge also improves personal and business performance as well. As a business entrepreneur, I find it reasonable to learn more financial skills so as to compete professionally. Volunteering has also improved my social and professional learning. In the past, I voluntarily participated in various academic and extra-curricular activities so as to learn different communication skills for effectively working within a team.

Zining Chen – Pursuing my entrepreneur dream

Hi, My name is Zining! I’m currently pursuing a master degree in Entrepreneur & Innovative at Rochester Institute of Technology from the Saunders College of Business. And I’m an entrepreneur!

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What I did

I graduated in 2017 with my Bachelor’s of Science in Advertising and public relations here at Rochester Institute of Technology. During my undergrad time here at RIT, along with some fellow students and Rochester local business man, I opened my own beverage store – Tai Chi Bubble Tea. Soon, I understand in today’s constantly growing complex business world, new and existing entrepreneurs require all business knowledge which equips them to remain not only sustainable but also competitive as well. 

Why I went back to school

Theory and application must go hand in hand. Currently, I have reasonable business acumen and I understand and apply the real business world situations and strategies. Despite understanding and applying these strategies, I feel that still more conceptual work and theoretical foundations are essential for the uninterrupted business success in every changing business environment. After reviewing various business programs and their usefulness, I found the program here at RIT as the most advanced and appropriate to improving my business knowledge and understanding as well. Additionally, it is expected that this program is going to add more clarity to my current knowledge of the business.

My business objectives

Business growth and business expansion are two of my business objectives in future. After graduating from the university, I do not intend to seek employment instead I plan to continue my business. For this, it is highly essential that the business must not only grow but also expand. This growth and expansion requires improving business knowledge and all those theoretical strategies which are taught at the graduate level are highly fundamental.

Meghan Lavender: Internet Marketing


Hi Everyone! My name is Meghan Lavender and I was born and raised in Rochester, NY. I am currently a graduate student at RIT in the MBA program with a concentration in Marketing. I recently graduated from RIT this past May with a degree in Packaging Science and am doing the 4+1 accelerated MBA so I will be graduating this upcoming May!

Although I have not started my career yet, I have completed two co-ops during my undergraduate degree. For my first co-op I worked for Wrigley’s Wm. Jr Company in Chicago, IL working as a packaging engineer on the seasonal team. The seasons in which I was assigned too were Halloween and Christmas so I had a lot of fun creating new packaging for Skittles, Starbursts and Lifesavers! During my second co-op I worked for PepsiCo in Valhalla, NY which is just outside of NYC. I was assigned to the LifeWTR Brand and attended multiple line trials to ensure the implementation of new manufacturing lines and bottle designs worked cohesively with one another. This co-op allowed me the opportunity to travel all across the country to places I have never been before such as California, Kansas, Oklahoma and Rhode Island to mention a few.

Aside from school and work I like to go boating at my cottage, cook, workout, travel to new places and I am also interested in interior design and renovating! 

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5 Reasons Geoff Wilson is the Best New Marketing Pro Your Company Needs in 2019!

Who is Geoff Wilson?

First off, he’s the author of this blog post, so he’s going to write the rest of it in first-person. Hi! My name is Geoff, and as of this writing I’m a second-year MBA student at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Saunders College of Business. (An AASCB accredited school.) My concentration is in marketing, and I’m graduating in May 2019. I grew up in Rochester, NY, and was involved in Boy Scouts (including my Eagle Scout Award) and swim team, then I went on to get my undergrad degree in Political Science at RIT. Why am I a great addition to any company’s marketing team? Read on to find out!

1. I know sales.

And sales are the most direct, personal, and high-stakes form of marketing. My sales experience dates back to my time selling popcorn door-to-door as a Cub Scout when I was seven years old, and my professional sales experience began in 2015, when I was hired as a financial services representative. For two years, I worked for Foresters Financial to secure the retirements and incomes of business owners, families, teachers, retirees, and more. I wore a suit every day, I called and spoke to dozens if not hundreds of people a week, I knew my products, and I got to know my clients well, some of whom are still friends of mine today. 

I’m just as comfortable having a deep conversation with a client about their history, goals, and fears, as I am standing in front of a room of 150+ people to explain exactly how municipal bond funds can save them tens of thousands of dollars in taxes over the next few decades. 

Bottom line: I know how to deeply understand the value of products and services, and convey those to a client to make a sale.

2. I can lead, and follow.

I’m earning my MBA as an Army ROTC Cadet, and when I graduate, I’ll be serving part-time in the Army Reserve as an Officer. During my time in ROTC, I’ve planned and led workouts, marches, field training exercises, and tactical missions for elements ranging from 4 to 40 fellow Cadets. I’ve confidently delivered many briefings and lessons on military tactics and history.

I’ve learned and applied the US Army’s approach to the science and art of leadership, both in the classroom and in the field, such as at Fort Knox, KY, where I completed 30 days of ROTC’s Cadet Advanced Camp over the summer of 2018. That camp included 20 days in the field, simulating a tactical environment, with all of us Cadets rotating through different leadership roles and being keenly evaluated by ROTC cadre. I know how and when to take charge, delegate, listen, improvise, and make decisions under pressure. 

3. I read a lot.

I typically read one fiction and one non-fiction book at a time. Currently, I’mon The Complete Works of H.G. Wells, and Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I read the Wall Street Journal nearly every day (about 95% of days) and I’m usually listening to an Audiobook when I’m driving. I just finished The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway, I have to decide what to get next on my Audible subscription. 

I love thinking and discussing what I read, and I occasionally write about it on my blog at I think reading is a great way to open my mind to new perspectives. A few of my favorite authors are Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and Michael Shaara.

4. I have diverse interests

That is to say, I have more going on than just business marketing, and I think that makes me better at the actual practice of marketing.

I play blues harmonica, I write horror fiction, I enjoy learning languages on DuoLingo and YouTube, (French is easily my best foreign language but I like to dabble in a few others,) I’m a photographer, and I’m a craft beer enthusiast and amateur brewer with my dad. I raised a “colony” of praying mantises a couple years back, and plan to try more arthropod-keeping in Spring 2019. 

I rode on the RIT Equestrian Team in my undergrad years. I love hiking, especially on Adirondack mountains. I’m a very enthusiastic amateur weightlifter; I love the gym. I play DnD and board games a lot with several friend groups. And I enjoy learning about other people’s hobbies, professions, and interests. There’s so much out there to learn about!

I’m active in networking through organizations such as Network After Work and Rochester Young Professionals, and I love meeting people, sharing ideas, and connecting people with each other.

5. I’m already practicing marketing right now!

I do amateur content-writing, Twitter-management, and Google Ads through I recently launched the first, basic version of my own e-commerce site, (selling camping, hiking, and tactical gear and clothes,) and am steadily working on massively improving and expanding that site and launching its online ad campaigns. I’ve done model photography for women’s fashion brand ModishBoss (one of my social media clients from UpWork) to build their brand awareness.

I’m Google Ads certified and continuing to build my knowledge with that system. I’m learning SalesForce on my own time. I’m learning Lean SixSigma (yellowbelt level) in a class. I have Facebook ads on my list of systems to learn on my own time too. (I’ve used it a bit for advertising my books.) 

In Conclusion…

I’m confident I can do great things in the marketing department of nearly any company. I’m most interested in technology or auto companies, and also wine, spirits, and beer companies, plus ones involved in events and entertainment. 


Supply Chain Optimization, Made Simple by: Ryan Posadni

Your supply chain is a complicated process, but I can help! My education and unique work experiences can be applied to your unique  needs and help to optimize your supply chain.

About Me:

Over the course of my education and career, I have seen the many sides of what makes up the supply chain. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, the industrial spirit is in my bones. My education and my diverse supply chain work experiences allow me to understand the unique needs of different aspects of the supply chain, and how to best optimize your supply chain. Supply Chain Optimization will not only allow your company to become more efficient, but save you money!

My Education:

After completing my Undergrad at Niagara University, I chose to pursue my MBA. In May 2019 I will have complete my MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain from the Rochester Institute of Technology. The Rochester Institute of Technology’s Saunders College of Business is known for their MBAs being ready to make an impact from day one, and the skills I’ve learned and the certifications through Lean Six Sigma I have eared during my time at RIT will allow me to have an immediate impact of your business operations.

My Supply Chain Experience:

In order to make an impact on a company’s supply chain operations, you need to be familiar with all the different links that make up the supply chain. Throughout my career I have seen almost every aspect of the supply chain, and learned from these experiences in order to apply knowledge and real world experience. From learning Inventory Control for the Walt Disney Company, to learning trucking logistics at a local company called Leonard’s Express, I have seen what goes into the supply chain on a daily basis. I have also  helped operate a warehouse for a national material distribution company, Prime Source, and handled the financial operations for logistics factoring company Integrated Logistics. My thorough knowledge of multiple aspects of the supply chain allow me to see the “big picture” and how all operating decisions are interrelated.

Lets Connect

Below you will find my Resume and my LinkedIn account, feel free to reach out to me so we can discuss your supply chain needs! You can also check out what we are currently doing at Leonard’s Express.

Connect With me on LinkedIn Here