Hello, I’m Liam Kerins!


I am currently a 4th year New Media Marketing Major at Rochester Institute of Technology and I will be graduating in May of 2018.


I have been playing on the Men’s Hockey Team at RIT for all four years. I have been fortunate enough to have won two league playoff championships and knock off the #1 ranked team in the nation in the NCAA tournament. Being on a team has helped me develop my communication and leadership skills as well as my time management outside of the rink.


I have always been fascinated in advertising and promotion of products, specifically in the sports world. I get drawn in by how the sports companies is able to  make you feel apart of the advertisement and in using the product through their intense sports commercials.

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Hannah Tillson, Marketing Coordinator

Hannah Tillson Profile PictureHi There!

My name is Hannah Tillson and I’m currently finishing my senior year studying New Media Marketing at Rochester Institute of Technology. During my time studying Internet Marketing and advertising in college, I discovered a love and passion for graphic design. Outside of class, I run a small Etsy store, HTPlanning, love to try cooking new recipes, workout and am the director of philanthropy for my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha.

Hannah Tillson Planning

I’ve always been a (fairly) organized person and have loved using my planner, and about a year and a half ago I turned my hobbies of graphic design and planning into a small business! I design printable planner stickers for college students and am very proud to have almost 5,000 sales in the year and a half that my store has been open. This hobby of mine has taught me so much about Adobe products, social media marketing, engaging customers, and expense tracking.

For 25% off your purchase from my Etsy shop, use code SEMA18 at checkout. Visit my Etsy store here


Recently I have discovered a more adventurous side of myself and love sharing new places and food that I’m trying on my Instagram page. Currently, I share my favorites of Rochester, New York but I also like to share weekend getaways and new cities. I would love to connect with you there and take any recommendations of things I should try! Follow me on Instagram @hannah.tillson

Let’s Connect

As of May 2018, I will be a graduated RIT alumnus with a Bachelor’s degree in New Media Marketing with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations. I am actively seeking a full-time job in the marketing industry that I am passionate about and challenged by. If you’re interested in working together professionally or learning more about my previous experience and skills, download my resume or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Sedera Zbranak: A Student Athlete

Hello, my name is Sedera and I am a double major inSedera's professional picture New Media Marketing and Media Arts and Technology with an immersion in Art History. I am currently in my third year and am looking forward to completing my second co-op this summer. While I have fallen in love with Rochester over these past three years, but  I always look for an excuse to head home to Austin, Tx, especially in the winter when it is so cold up here!

Why two majors?

I initially wanted to come to RIT to pursuer a degree in 3-D Animation. However, animation, while fun, was not the right fit for me. My adviser said: “Sedera  look into fields that combine art and technology”. After some back and forth, we came to Media Arts and Technology because it is still a creative artistic field that also encompasses many different skills like web design, photography, and print/production workflows. During this conversation, he suggests that I look into the cross over option with the New Media Marketing major. Meaning core classes I took for one major counted towards credits in the other.  While it I do have a large class load, I’m happy with the decision I’m made because it’s given me the opportunity to study a lot of varying topics.

Outside of the Classroom

Sedera's Backstroke start

While my academics keep me very busy, I am also a part of RIT’s Varsity Swimming and Diving team. These past three years have taught me the value of teamwork. As one of the captains this season has added additional responsibility but also a great opportunity for me to work on my leadership skills, which I believe will help me in where ever I end up in the next capture of my life.

Aside from swimming, I love being outdoors. When it is not below freezing, either I am at the farmers market, hiking, or just exploring what is around me. I am a very active person and do not do well just sitting inside for long periods.

Find Out More!

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Kysa – Social Media Specialist

All About Kysa

Portrait of Kysa W
Kysa Willemsen – New Media Marketing

From a small town in Ontario, Canada named Forest, Kysa Willemsen is in her fourth year at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She is studying new media marketing with a minor in advertising and public relations. She will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in May of 2018.

Life as a Student Athlete

During Kysa’s first semester at RIT she decided to try a new sport. That is when she became a member of the RIT crew team. Since joining she has been a rower and coxswain for both the women’s and men’s teams. Practices at 6AM each morning have helped her stay on top of her studies. Even finding ways to prioritize time management when she is travelling for races. Balancing school, sports, work and a social life has proven to be difficult but she wouldn’t want to change this experience for the world. Overall, being a student athlete has taught Kysa control, motivation and flexibility.

Studying Abroad

Kysa at Big Ben
Kysa Abroad in London, England

In the spring of her third year at RIT Kysa studied in London, England at the London South Bank University. She embraced opportunities to travel and learn from cultures all around Europe. Her favourite was to enjoy locations that were off the beaten path rather than tourist-targeted locations. Unlike the American school system, academics in England were set up differently. Each course was weighted mostly on one exam or paper therefore it highlighted the fact that second-chances aren’t always available.

In the “Real World”

Since 2014 Kysa has gained experience with Sunripe Freshmarket. She helped introduce social media and online communications into the company’s marketing. In December of 2014 she ran the company’s first online promotion. This was for a buy 1 get 1 free event they hold yearly. This event was only advertised with traditional marketing platforms prior to that year. During the event that December Sunripe saw a large increase in year over year sales at a fraction of their previous marketing costs. Today, Kysa continues to manage all of Sunripe’s online communications through Facebook, Instagram, website and email. This includes promoting products and events, answering consumer questions, creating content and more. All from anywhere in the world.

More: view her portfolio website, connect with her on LinkedIn and view her resume.

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Elise Hemink, AdPR

Elise Hemink

Advertising and Public Relations

Elise Hemink, Advertising and Public Relations student at RIT.
Elise Hemink, Advertising and Public Relations student at RIT.

Hello, my name is Elise Hemink. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, I decided to stay in the area to continue my education at RIT for the reason that I would be close to family and friends. Upon graduating, my degree will be in Advertising and Public Relations. Also, I will have minors in both Marketing and Psychology. As a result, I will graduate in May 2o18 and my goal is to begin working full time in the industry shortly after.

Why advertising/marketing?

My passion is working with people and finding better ways to communicate. I have strong writing skills and creative tendencies which led me to an interest in marketing. Furthermore, my time at RIT has molded me into a driven, business-minded professional and I am eager to take these skills with me into the workforce.

Aside from marketing:

I am passionate about my education but there is much more to me than that. Growing up in Chili, NY, my parents provided me with an amazing childhood. I’ve always been close to my siblings and had a great group of friends.  Above all, I am also a proud mother to a beautiful daughter named Lilly. Therefore, as you can imagine, I am almost always busy.

My Career Goals

Consequently, after graduation my dream is to work for a company where my skill set is put to the test. My hope is to work in social media and effectively craft messages to reach a specific target audience. I plan to stay in Rochester, NY and find a job in which I am passionate about. In conclusion, I hope the job I end up with allows me to experience new opportunities and pushes me to be better.





Finally, feel free to contact me via cellphone (585-314-7130) or email (Elise@mail.rit.edu) with any questions, comments, or concerns.


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A Montanan: Megan Freeman

Megan FreemanWho is Megan Freeman?

Hi there! Looks you don’t know who I am. Great opportunity to introduce myself! My name is Megan Freeman and I am not related to Morgan Freeman! I am currently a fourth year student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) studying Management Information Systems (MIS) with a minor in Digital Business and an immersion in Legal Studies. I’m from Missoula, Montana. About three days of a drive! It’s a long ways! I will be graduating in Spring 2018! So exciting!


Considering the fact I’m from the west, I love to hike, mountain bike, snowboard, horseback riding, and swimming. I’m a very outdoorsy person but I also like to play board and video games with friends. I haven’t explored enough of Rochester to find the best places for outdoor activities. The most favorite that I have been to is Letchworth Park.


I am involved with the Tri Sigma Sorority, RIT Equestrian Team, and Women in Business Club. For the Equestrian Team, I am the Western Team Captain for just about three and a half years now. Competitions I do are both in Western and English in NY and I will be going to regionals this year! I am also involved in many philanthropy events for Tri Sigma like Sign Idol and Relay for Life.

 Why MIS?

The concept of working with computers in the business aspect is what drew me to the major. The major offered several coding classes that I was really interested in taking like HTML, CSS, C#, Visual Studios. Computers are my thing! With this knowledge from learning in the MIS field, I hope to become a CEO or CMO of an well-known company or agency. If that doesn’t work out, I might try out for Law School and become a lawyer like my parents! Either way works!

That’s all I have for now! Check out my resume, Facebook, Linkedin pages so that I can pass and graduate on time! Also, please feel free to comment below with any questions or suggestions!


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Hello! I’m Hanna Hawkins!

Hanna Hawkins
Hanna Hawkins, 2017

About Hanna Hawkins:

Hello! Hanna Hawkins is my name and I’m currently a fourth year New Media Marketing Major at the Rochester Institute of Technology, who is double minoring in Media Arts and Technology and Advertising and Public Relations. My graduation date is December 2018! I primarily chose RIT because of the diversity in culture and people of who attend RIT.  I chose my major because of rhe great co-op program and its unique aspects.


Throughout my R.I.T. career I’ve participated in various amounts of clubs or activities. One that stuck and became a major part of my life was  ZTA. Zeta has helped me strengthen my communication skills and expand my outlook on situations! I currently work 2 part-time jobs. I work as a banquet server at the Double Tree by Hilton while also being the student social media manager for the RIT Office of Career Services and Co-op! At the office I assist in managing various social media accounts, help increase engagement in different demographics, I aid in facilitating events and creating and planning content. Since I do work alot and am a full time student I really value being in my sorority. It has not only allowed me to grow into the person I am today but shown the person I can be, a strong, outgoing, driven individual who will be as successful as she wants to be.


Social media is something that I’ve grown up with and become very passionate about. I am planning on going into a career that includes content planner or creating but, I’m always looking to learn something new. I look forward to working in a company that’ll allow me to learn and grow with their company. When I graduate this December I hope to find a full-time position somewhere warm. I’m looking primarily at North Carolina and California. I like North Carolina because my sister, whom I am very close with, currently lives there. I’ve also heard Charlotte, North Carolina is a new and upcoming area for social media marketing and startups. California has always been a dream of mine! Calfifornia has always been known for dreams coming true, therefore there are quite a few startups in the area! I’ve always thought about the idea of working with a startup becuase it allows the employees to grow with the companies!

Social Media Accounts:

Check out my LinkedIn

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Call me, Tweet me if you wanna reach me!

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Sundy He: Graduating New Media Marketing Student

Hello! My name is Sundy, and I’m a New Media Marketing student at RIT, preparing to graduate in May 2018.

My passion in new media marketing

Starting my college career undeclared allowed me to discover what I love to do. There is nothing better than being able to help someone, no matter how big or small. Marketing allows me to be creative in how I can help others find what they need. The digital world gives businesses more of a chance to learn about their consumers just as much as consumers can continue to learn about them. As a digital marketer, I strive to help businesses help their consumers through creation and curation.

I grew to love new media marketing even more as I gained more experience. I worked as an SEO Intern at LittleThings Inc, and helped manage social media for RIT’s Office of Career Services.

Find out more on Sundy He’s resume and connect with me on Sundy He’s LinkedIn profile.

More than just marketing

Aside from my passion for marketing, I love to create.Sundy He New Media Marketing student

I enjoy writing. I keep my own blog called A Grey Sunday, exploring my other passion for makeup and fashion. My Instagram @sundyheNY hosts a variety of makeup posts, with the occasional food photo because I also love food in (almost) any way, shape, or form.

I have also written for LittleThings.com, which also served to expand my skills in SEO writing. My most successful piece was about “coconut oil for acne scars,” which you can see on page 1 of the Google and Bing results! Check out my content on the Sundy He LittleThings author page.

I play around with web development here and there based on what I have learned through my coursework and in my spare time. You can see a sample of my work on Sundy’s RIT webpage.

My career goals

After graduation, I hope to continue working in SEO or social media, but I am always looking to learn more about digital marketing and advertising. I am willing to take risks and push myself to do more than I think I can do so I can become a better marketer than I was before. I want to help businesses grow, develop stronger relationships with customers, and bring more ideas to life.

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Christoph Grosse, Content Marketer

I’m Christoph.

Christoph Content Marketer







I like to:

  • generate left-of-center ideas.
  • promote authenticity.
  • curate social experiences.
  • create and maintain connections with others.



I am a content marketer and brand strategist graduating with a degree in Digital Marketing from Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2018. A balanced left and right-brain thinker, I am constantly testing, learning and optimizing, all while applying a refined creative edge.

As a content marketer, I am a proactive agent in the areas of search engine marketing, social media, branding, content strategy, and paid advertising, I consistently stay on top of trends in the world of content marketing with an intense personal interest in food and fashion culture.

I excel at writing compelling stories, employing empathy to understand audiences, and have a penchant for all things analytical. I am adept at leading, executing and tracking the performance of demand generation campaigns across various social platforms.


Hailing from Philly, I was raised by a kind, hardworking German father and a no-nonsense, but incredibly selfless, Chinese mother from who I’ve absorbed both a driven and empathic mindset.

My focus as a professional, and as a person, stems from my love of community. If I’ve learned anything throughout my college career and work experience, it’s that one must be relentless and in constant pursuit of improvement, all while continually learning and growing. In this vein, I’ve taken on freelance work as a content marketer, becoming ingrained in the surrounding community and extending what I’ve learned in the classroom into the real world.

As the Program Director for WITR 89.7, an FM radio station serving the greater Rochester area, I work alongside a team of multi-talented DJs and producers to bring lesser known music to the community.

WITR 89.7 Apple Picking
Just some radio kids apple picking.

Most recently, I’ve been assisting AVVINO, a local, high-end, contemporary restaurant with their marketing, web presence and social media, redesigning their website and converting web traffic into dinner reservations. This was a business I loved from the first water glass I filled, to the last table I wiped down. I feel fortunate that I can apply my knowledge as a digital marketer to positively impact the lives of everyone working there. 


To find work in a setting that promotes constant collaboration and open communication is a goal of mine. In a place like that, I can focus on growing and leading. I can work harder, better, and feel good about it. 

I am always on the lookout for additional freelance opportunities to help grow small businesses, individual brands, and everything in between.

I’m currently on the job hunt, searching for a full-time digital marketing position.

Reach out! Let’s chat.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

Find me on Facebook

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Much of this info and more can be found on my personal website:



  • Half Chinese, half German
  • Avid fashion enthusiast and sneakerhead
  • Second degree black belt in Taekwondo
  • Self proclaimed stir fry expert
  • Radio DJ on WITR 89.7
  • Will go the distance for a good bagel (If you’re in Rochester, don’t play yourself – make sure you stop by Balsam Bagels)

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Jackie Here!


About Me: Jackie Colello

Hello, my name is Jackie Audrey Colello and I am a fourth year New Media Marketing student, who is also minoring in psychology at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am originally from Williamsville, New York (a suburb of Buffalo). This past fall, I was on a six month co-op with The TJX Companies (the parent company of Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, etc.), located in Framingham, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. Having been given the opportunity to live in Boston for six months was absolutely amazing, and extremely rewarding. I gained strategic skills in analyzing sales data, and pitching strategies to drive business. I gained insight into myself and into the world of merchandising for one of the world’s largest retailers. Last fall, I did a co-op on campus with RIT Behind the Bricks as their Social Media Community Manager (a branch of RIT’s F&A sector). Prior to my position with RIT Behind the Bricks, I was a Marketing Analyst intern the summer after my freshman year at a small digital marketing agency called clevermethod located in Elma, New York. I was also the President of Marketing Club at RIT for three years, and learned an immense about marketing from professionals in the field.  I am extremely eager to see what the future holds in my professional career!


Outside of the Classroom

I have been a resident adviser at Rochester Institute of Technology for six semesters, and am a supervisor at our campus Student Life Center. I am a student note taker, and write blogs part-time for RIT Behind the Bricks. I am a strong advocate for Autism Awareness, and absolutely love to travel. In 2017, I had the opportunity to visit 7 countries, but want to visit even more in 2018. I am always eager to grasp opportunities for self-growth, and personal development. 


Check out more about Jackie Colello here:

Jacqueline Colello’s Blog

Jacqueline Colello’s LinkedIn

Jacqueline Colello’s Resume


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