Everything You Need to Know about the Google Panda Algorithm Update

As of January 2016, Google has officially introduced the Panda update to its SEO ranking algorithm. The Google Panda Algorithm Update assigns a quality score to websites that affects the page’s rank. This quality score is impacted negatively with the appearance of content duplication, plagiarism, keyword stuffing, and user generated spam. Google Panda essentially works to keep poor or spammed content out of Google’s list of top search results.

What can you do keep the Panda Algorithm Update happy?

Steer clear of site duplication and keyword stuffing. This can be easily maintained through regular site checks of your content using a site crawler. Obviously, don’t use plagiarized content on your site! If you can’t say it better yourself, be sure to give credit where credit is due, or better yet link the material through anchor tags. You can use a plagiarism checker to help monitor your content if in doubt. Original images and user reviews are a great way to add a unique touch to content (such as product descriptions) that may be hard to generate yourself.

You may have already been affected by Panda without knowing it

Google Panda has been utilized as an SEO quality score ranking filter since February 2011. Google has rolled out numerous Panda updates until officially becoming a core factor in its ranking algorithm now. This means, site content containing user generated spam, plagiarism, keyword stuffing, and duplication may have suffered quality score penalties for years. Luckily, each Panda update has allowed for site owners to update their content based on Google Panda’s quality standards. If the correct edits are made, you should notice your SEO rankings rising slowly over time. Because Panda is now part of the Google core algorithm, it’s important to maintain these standards in order to ensure a stable SEO ranking.

Google Panda is clearly working hard to reward unique site content, while penalizing site’s that don’t play by the rules. Algorithm updates like Google Panda allow Google to take control of SEO, with the use of their ever powerful quality scores.

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