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Winter, US

I am Reem and I am a second year MBA – marketing student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). This is one of my internet marketing projects in which I have to gather as much viewers as I can from different social media platforms and apply the data on google analytic  (a data analytic tool) . What important here is the number of viewers, how many minutes  they staied on my blog, and the numbers of Links they clicked on, so your name will not be a matter!

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Let me tell you about my self!


I am an Arabic student from Saudi Arabia. I am a mom of two wonderful kids who growing up so quickly!!  Yazen is the older brother. He is very obsessed with video games and his future goal is to be a you-tuber. Hala is my little Sweet girl and  the leader of our small family of course with me:). Her future goal is to be singer, dancer, designer and much more of endless list of her hobbies!! My husband Maze is a graduate student here at RIT as well, and back to our home country,  he is a HR specialist.

I am very blessed to have these people in my life. Certainly, they are my ROCK 🙂

Of course, it is not easy to be a college mom, but I believe that being successful hard working mom who pursuing her dream is the best example you set for your kids to pursue there dreams as well. I chose to study MBA as a major to have a reliable background in lunching my own business( my future goal) , and I chose marketing as concentration because I believe that this is the key success to have long lasting creative business.

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How To Be A Hazard. To, uh, Yourself.

I recently started living by myself. People say that when you start living by yourself, you discover new things about yourself, like a whole wave of realizations, deep intellectual reflections etc.

Nope. Apparently THAT isn’t going to be my thing.

I seem to have a talent in finding new ways to be a hazard. To literally the only person in the house – Me.

As always, I decided to jot down my list of ‘How To Be A Hazard. To Yourself.’

Disclaimer: Imitating instances mentioned in this post may induce some serious injuries. Do not try at home. Subject has already done that for you. 

  1. Leave Sharp Objects Lying Around

    People who know me, know that I’m hopelessly absent-minded. Below are pictures of an incident that actually occurred. Uh, yes, I have managed to become a lot more responsible after that. Uh no, it hasn’t repeated. *looking up at the sky*

    Please don’t tell my mom. Thanks.

    Doing some cool stuff ‘cuz joblessness
    A rare picture of subject doing work

    Subject MAY have sat on it. That’s confidential information.
  2. Play ‘Live-Life-Dangerously’ Kind-of Games

    Okay I really love this one game I invented.
    *looks at mom’s death stare*
    Okay, um, this game is not cool. I repeat. Not cool at all.
    *sheepish grin*
    So what you have to do is try to cut vegetables with your weaker hand. You keep trying to decrease your cutting time as the days go by.
    Not that I have tried doing this multiple times, of course.
    Following are pictures of a random subject attempting to play the game.
    (mom, I swear, that isn’t me!)

    Subject is excited to cut with her left hand!
    I doubt subject focused this much in her engineering.
    Subject may be rethinking life decisions.

    Well, I hope you guys liked my post!
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    You can also catch my shenanigans on twitter!

    Prit <3


Jessa Wang — Beijinger in Rochester

About Me


My name is Congxi Wang. You guys can also call me Jessa. I am a second year student in communication. I love travel, music and movies. If you want to know more about me

Here is my resume Congxi Wang Resume

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About My Hometown

I am from Beijing, China, a city that has more than 3000 years of history.I am a proud of being born and raised in Beijing. It’s a massive city with plenty of great things to do. There are six Unesco World Heritage Sites in this city alone. All of them have been established more than a thousand of years ago. It’s also a city that never sleeps, there are all different kinds of bars, cafés, night clubs, live shows which keep me busy every day and night.

One thing I miss the most about Beijing is the food.  I can find great food from all over the nation or even from all over the world in this one city.

I love that Beijing has different faces. In winter, the lakes freeze as icy winds whip south from beyond the Great Wall, carrying with them the echo of Manchu rule. Come summer, Beijing is all rolled-up t-shirts, icy beers and street-side lamb skewers. There are many words to describe it: filthy, beautiful, decadent, bustling, chaotic, idle, lovable.

From sprawling imperial gardens to cramped ‘hutong’ alleyways, Beijing pulses with vitality and contradiction.

If you are interested in knowing more about my hometown, here is a video introducing some fun spots in Beijing. Travel + Leisure Tour of Beijing


Meet Emily Bliss

Hi there! My name is Emily and I’m almost (thankfully) done with my M.B.A. at RIT after beginning in the fall of 2015. I’m the Content Marketing Manager at Tipping Point Communications, a local Rochester-based marketing communications agency.

Emily Bliss Headshot

I am responsible for strategic planning and execution of content strategies for clients. In addition, I develop strategic inbound marketing plans leveraging marketing automation and content to fuel my client’s lead generation activities, with strategic focus at each stage of the sales funnel.

Prior to joining Tipping Point Communications, I spent two years at CHOBANI Greek Yogurt, in the marketing department, executing special events in the Upstate New York region. During my time at CHOBANI, I focused on community relations, brand partnerships, and worked locally on the 2012 London Summer Olympics sponsorship.

I look forward to utilizing my M.B.A to provide a macro-level, strategic frame of reference to grow my client’s business and the overall agency.


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I am Vinny Alese?

Hi I’m Vinny Alese?
“If you know this picture is me, no need to read, just look at my stylish resume and perfect LinkedIn profile.” -Vinny Alese

If you don’t know me, kudos to you for clicking the link you adventurer you. Just this Spring I graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a B.S. in Business Administration. I decided to go on with school and enrolled in the RIT 4+1 MBA program. Meaning, if you click on the links (ResumeLinkedIn) I will pass my internet marketing class and graduate with my MBA in one year.

Originally from Long Island, I now live in Rochester just off Park Ave and commute to RIT and my part time job at REDCOM. I have absolutely no complaints about the area. There is always something to do or somewhere to go (if I’m not stuck at the kitchen table reading the third Harvard Business Review case of the day).

Grad Life

Speaking of cases, I never had to do a single one for undergrad. For my Geneseo friends, a case is pretty much what it sounds like- a nice long paper about a company that found itself in a bad situation. The cases typically end unresolved and we are tasked to use evidence from the case to determine the best course of action.

I have a love hate relationship with case studies. I love that they provide a real problem and an inside look at what was going on at a company. I also love that they make you find creative solutions and build up problem solving skills, but I hate that just about every class assigns two or three a week. There just isn’t enough daylight. Luckily, I figured out I only need about two hours of sleep, a 20 minute mid-day nap, and 24oz of coffee to function. I recommend researching alternative sleep cycles if you plan on going for your masters and work, I try to use a trimmed down version of the biphasic sleep cycle.

That’s it for now! Again, please check out my resume andLinkedIn page so I don’t fail! Also feel free to drop me a comment below on what you think about the resume and any suggestions you have.

Duck. Park Ave Fest







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Jessica Serpe – Hi Friends!


If you’re reading this now, that means that you were nice enough to click on the link that I emailed, text, or messaged you, or that was posted on my Facebook page. So, thanks for that! Your participation will help me to learn the basic ins and outs off Google Analytics, as I track where in the world my visitors click from, how they navigated to this site, how long they spent on each page, and so on. I won’t know your name exactly (but don’t worry, I’m sure Google already does!).

A little bit about myself: I am taking this Internet Marketing course as I work to fulfill the requirements of the MBA program at Rochester Institute of Technology. Taking courses only part time (except for this summer when I thought it was a GREAT idea to enroll in a full time course load including Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Supply Chain Management!) I expect to graduate in August 2018. Much of my resume involves RIT, as I currently work on campus as the Events Manager for University Gallery, and have already completed a Masters in Travel & Tourism Management degree here at RIT.

My passions include art, travel, and education, and I jump at the chance to immerse myself in different cultures and learning opportunities whenever I get the chance. I have traveled to over 40 countries, many of which I did so independently, although I now love embarking on adventures around the world with my husband Sam. That is, when he’s not too busy renovating our house or installing blinds for our company Affordable Blinds.

Enough about us, but I do have one last favor to ask.. if you would be so kind as to click through a link or two on this site, that would leave me with even more trackable data, bringing me that much closer to an A in this course!

Thanks in advance!

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Miracle Workout- Get Fit, and Enjoy It!

Acroyoga – a miracle workout that doesn’t feel like work!

Woah, you heard me right! There could actually be something fun, social and exciting enough to capture your attention? Check out some acroyogis below:

Does this look fun to you? You can learn this, sooner than you imagine!



Photocredit: Yoga Belly Studio

Introduction to Acroyoga

For those that don’t know, acroyoga is partner yoga imbued with some acrobatic-style movements. Two or three people are typically involved: the base, the flyer, and a spotter. The base’s job is to support the flyer off the ground and guide them through different poses. The flyer assists the base by maintaining and transitioning through stable body positions. Lastly, if needed, the spotter acts as a kind of safety net to prevent the flyer from taking nasty falls onto their head. The spotter may also help to balance the transitions between poses and offer cues to correct base/flyer positions.

Acroyoga connects you to your body and to your partner, in a way that is fun. This is not as hard as it looks! Acroyoga can be enjoyed by many people, with interest in bettering yourself, trust in your partner, and a little bit of effort.

Base’s Perspective

My name is John and I’ve been doing acroyoga, on and off, for about six months now. I enjoy acroyoga because it promotes communication and trust between me and others that I’ve potentially never met before. Sometimes I’ll nervously find myself in a room full of strangers that I’m forced to communicate with, but I don’t mean that in a negative way. If communicating with somebody that I’ve met before means they’re not going to fall on me, then I’ll talk with strangers all day. At some point, communication becomes a basic need because of the inherent risks involved with the activity. When I base I don’t want people falling on me, and when I fly I don’t want to be thrown to the ground. Since everyone has slightly different bodies and are at different skill levels, it’s essential to talk and play around with one another to develop trust and understanding. By fostering trust and understanding, everything that’s done becomes less risky.

Since starting, I’ve learned to look past a lot of the differences I’ve perceived in strangers once I’ve worked with them. Looking past those differences has allowed me to help and be helped by others to the point of creating new friendships. Maybe I just sound like another millennial hippy but I think there’s a lot to be learned from acroyoga about community, communication, teamwork, and building a better, brighter future with and for one another.

Flyer’s Perspective

My name is Caitlin (pictured above, with John) and I have been doing acroyoga for 6 months. Acroyoga quickly became an activity that I love, because it doesn’t feel like I’m exercising (although it definitely is!). Throughout my lifetime, I have tried nearly every form of exercise imaginable, and nothing has ever stuck; zumba, yoga, lacrosse, parkour. I may just be lazy and love my couch a little too much, but being able to be with my partner makes working out worth it. I was never a very active person, and rarely feel connected to my body. Acroyoga allows me to practice my “kinesthetic awareness,” to know how my body moves and feels in certain positions.

Acroyoga has also been a great way to connect with my partner. It’s something that requires trust and respect in the other person, as well as a ton of communication. John and I recently went to an event and worked with a couple who had been married for 30 years. They began fighting during the session, because they were not listening to each other about a shoulderstand they were trying. After a quick cool down, they talked through the move, then tried it and stuck the move immediately. Acroyoga may spark some fights, but with practice, communication and trust among partners is enhanced.

Getting Started in Acro

There are many ways to get involved in the Acro community! If you are in Rochester, you can try taking classes at Aerial Arts. Most cities will have a studio teaching courses in acroyoga! There are also Facebook communities where acroyogis meet up and practice together. If you’re a little shy, try moves on your own by searching for beginner poses on YouTube. However you want to get involved, do it!

About Me

My name is Caitlin, and I’m an MBA student with a concentration in Product Commercialization. I’m graduating in May and am looking to begin my career in the food/beverage industry, of which I’m super passionate for.

My hobbies are quite diverse: experimental cooking, acroyoga, VR stuff, Magic: the Gathering, board games, EDM, personal finance and spending time with friends! If we share any interests, I’d love to hear more about you!

Check out Caitlin’s resume!

Here’s Caitlin’s LinkedIn!

How to create that PERFECT resume to land you that PERFECT job!

Hey there! My name is Amogh Jeerige, and I appreciate your  co-operation for coming to this page to know more about the social experiment I am conducting for a class to create that perfect coded resume (Amogh-sample). You can also view my Instagram page here.

I have uploaded the link to my resume and you can also do the same or use other such templates which are open source and free on Share latex. I have attached the source code (Amogh) which you guys can download and use to modify and create your personalized coded resume. You need to edit the parts/fields you wish to change based on your requirements (It is totally flexible and customizable).

Check my LinkedIn profile

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Check my resume (Amogh-sample) (which is attractive)

The source code Amogh Sample source code (Share latex) where you can do it.

PS: If you have clicked at least 3 of the above links, you are eligible to win a $25 amazon gift voucher! So forward it to as many users as you can to increase your chances.

Morgan Neal – Almost a Master

Morgan Neal
Hello friends, family, and strangers curious or bored enough to click on my link and end up on this page. Just by landing here, you’re helping me with a project for one of my classes, so thanks!

For this assignment, I’ll be analyzing the traffic being driven to this webpage on Google Analytics for an internet marketing class I am taking in my final semester at RIT. For the past two years, I have been pursuing a Master of Science in Communications and Media Technology – an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the ways in which technological, social, and cultural changes impact message creation and dissemination. In addition to taking two classes this semester, I am also working on my thesis – a mixed methods study about Instagram influencers, their relationships with their followers, and their impact on consumer behavior.

Lately I’ve been spending way more time on campus than I usually like to, but when I do get some free time between classes, reading assignments, and thesis research I find ways to destress – typically involving food and wine. My parents have instilled in me a taste for spicy dishes and California reds. In a past life I was a notoriously picky eater, but now I will try just about any dish that is put in front of me (as long as it doesn’t contain ketchup or mayonnaise). As for my taste in wines, it’s getting gradually more refined, but also more expensive than my current budget allows for. That’s not the reason I decided to get a Master’s degree, but an increased wine budget will be a welcome fringe benefit of my hard work.

I also enjoy going out to see live music any chance I get and feel lucky to live in a city that always seems to have something going on. In the summer, you’ll likely find me dancing through the Jazz Festival or sipping craft beers at Party in the Park. When it’s snowing and below zero here in Rochester, the promise of good music is one of the only things that can pry me away from the couch. Good food and good wine are two others.

I’ve always been an athlete, doing gymnastics in elementary and middle school, pole vault in high school, and diving for four years at Binghamton University where I got my bachelor’s degree in marketing. My days of flipping off springboards is over, but I stay active with yoga, weightlifting, and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Before RIT, I worked as a product and marketing specialist for a small online retail company and a receptionist at a local marketing agency (all of which you can read about in the links below). Now that I’m in the home stretch of this goal, I am looking forward to taking the next steps in my career in social media, public relations, or market research. 

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably sick of hearing about me. But if you’d like to know more, or want to give me a little more help with this project, go ahead and click on the links below!

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Raj Murthy – Musings of a Marketing Professor

Hi  there, meet Raj. I am an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Saunders College of Business.  My research has been featured in the Harvard Business Review (2 cases) and MIT’s Sloan Management Review as well as published in top academic journals such as the Journal of Management, Journal of Marketing Management and Business Horizons. My work experiences includes consulting engagements across various companies including Sprint, The World Bank, Dun & Bradstreet, Nuance Communications and Cognizant Technology Solutions among others.

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Check out my resume here RajvitaJun2014